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What Is An Online Post-Master’s DNP Program?

A DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) is an advanced degree for nurses that wish to become teachers, nurse leaders, or APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses). A post-master DNP is also commonly known as the MSN-DNP degree.

The best part is that currently, several institutions offer a post masters DNP online program that enables students to study while they work. The degree can be completed from home at the student’s desired time and pace.

Interested in applying for the program? You are in the right spot! Today, we shall look at what this program offers and why you should opt for the doctorate in the first place. Let’s get started.

What Is A DNP?

A Doctor of Nursing Practice program is a terminal nursing degree. It is the highest form of nursing education a student can attain. A nurse with a DNP is in great demand for leadership positions as they are considered key for the future of healthcare.

A DNP degree holder is, therefore, an expert with sufficient knowledge and expertise to influence leadership roles, health policies, and direct patient care.

Is Opting For An Accredited MSN-DNP Program Essential?

Picking an accredited MSN-DNP program is necessary to attain an education that meets professional standards and is suitable for preparing students for a nursing career. An accredited course ensures employers, the public, financial aid organizations, and prospective students that the curriculum and teaching methods have been authorized and established by a non-governmental institute.

Other benefits of accredited programs include:

– Credits are transferable between various programs and schools.

– Education quality is top-notch.

– Students are eligible for federal financial aid.

– Qualifications are deemed credible by employers.

– Students can apply to graduate-level programs easily.

How Does An Online MSN-DNP Program Work?

An online post-master DNP program is often a hybrid degree where students can complete coursework online but must be physically present for the clinical experience.

Some programs also require students to finish short campus residencies at various points throughout the program. The specialty picked by students also determines clinical requirements and course outline.

Clinical rotations can be completed in any healthcare setting, hospital, long-term care facility, or clinic. Online students can also opt for a location near their home or with their current employer. Some programs may also require a final project presentation.

Things To Look For In Online MSN-DNP Programs

– Admission Requirements

– Specializations

– Clinical Experience

– Program Curriculum

– Program Length

– Accreditation

– Graduation Rate

– Online Learning Requirements and Format

How To Apply For An Online MSN-DNP Program?

A doctorate is competitive, which is why admission requirements can be strict. Desired candidates must prove commitment, excellent academics, and a passion for the nursing career to be eligible. They can prove this through a good GPA, practice history, and other required material.

The admission requirements can vary by institute. Some common expected ones are listed below:

– An accredited MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) degree.

– A valid RN (Registered Nurse) license or a Nurse Licensure Compact state.

– 1 year of Nursing experience.

– Test scores such as school-specific exams, GRE, and NCLEX.

– Transcript and letters of recommendation.

– CV or resume.

– Writing samples or personal statements.

– Proof of residency.

– Background check authorizations.

– GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Cost Of An Online MSN-DNP Program

A DNP is a good investment for your future career and nursing education. However, you would not want to end up in debt by the time you graduate.

The tuition fee depends on whether you are an out-of-state student or an in-state candidate. Other things to consider include books, residency costs, and conveyance.

You can also apply for federal or private financial aid programs and can even qualify for scholarships or grants if you have an impressive academic record. A few students may study while they work and may be provided reimbursements or tuition assistance by their employers.

Some candidates may also be eligible for loan forgiveness programs that can eliminate or reduce debt to a great extent. Make sure also to check out the website of the university you wish to apply to for tuition fees and other scholarship programs.

Career Options For MSN-DNP Degree Holders

1.    Nurse Educator

Nursing educators train prospective nurses and support nursing staff in professional development. They are hired in universities, colleges, and hospital settings. A nurse educator must have a master’s degree or DNP to practice as a professor. A nurse educator’s average annual salary is 77,440 USD, and employment RSE is 2.4%.

2.    Nurse Midwife

A certified nurse midwife or CNM is a healthcare provider that caters to pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth. They also provide regular gynecological care from adolescence to menopause. Their average annual salary is 114,210 USD, and their employment RSE is 5.7%.

3.    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

A psychiatric NP caters to mental health and psychiatric patients in outpatient clinics, hospitals, private practices, and rehabilitation centers. They prescribe treatment, diagnose conditions and work alongside other medical staff. Their average annual salary is 123,780 USD.


An online MSN-DNP degree or post-master’s DNP program is a great choice if you want to attain the highest level of education from the comfort of your home. An online program allows you to work alongside while preparing you to be a leader, teacher, and expert in the nursing field.

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