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How Soon to See a Doctor After a Premises Liability Accident

A premises liability injury must be handled with intention and urgency. It’s essential to know the steps to take immediately following an accident. Taking these steps helps protect your health and increase your chances of receiving the greatest possible compensation. Ask a Bronx Premises Liability Attorney to learn what to do and what not to do.

It’s bad enough to have been injured. Minimizing the negative aspects of the situation is an essential goal. Be sure to take your time and complete every step in a thorough fashion. You never know how these steps will positively affect the outcome of your claim, so follow them with intention and thoughtfulness.

Get Immediate Medical Care

Evidence of negligence on the part of the liable party is proven during this process. This is why the first step is to seek immediate medical attention. Keep in mind that understanding the scope of the injury is important for recovery. Your doctors will let you know how not to make things worse and provide you with a routine to get you back to your pre-accident self. 

If you cannot immediately see a doctor, make sure to go to one within 48 hours of the incident. Anything beyond 48 hours could jeopardize your claim. You have been injured, and that is nothing to take lightly. The extent of your injuries could be unknown, latent, or permanent; for reasons like these, immediate medical attention is better than waiting.

Incident Disclosure

Property owners and managers need to be informed of the accident. This gives them what they need to investigate the situation and take action to ensure no further incidents occur. This also allows them to prepare for the coming litigation proceedings associated with your case. 

Witness Accounts

Securing the contact information of eyewitnesses is the next step. Their testimony would be helpful if your case ever went to court. Their testimony is also helpful in keeping your case from ever reaching court. Attorneys for liability incidents know that clear witness accounts are solid evidence. Look for video evidence too. Video footage helps to make claims stronger.

Write It All Down

Promptly record the incident details in written, audio, or video form. Be sure to take your time. The more clear and detailed your recorded entry is, the better the chances are that you will receive the compensation you seek. Your recorded account will be handed over to your lawyer and added to your case file. Keeping a diary could also help you recover more quickly. 

Hire A Lawyer

Seek an attorney with a solid reputation. You want help from an attorney known to care about people, not just work or money. Make sure your choice of legal representative sees you as a person and not a number. Finding a lawyer with a passion for attention to detail and securing maximum settlements is of the highest priority.

A great way to make an informed decision is by checking the referral record of the attorney. When you see many good comments from a diverse set of clients, it’s fair to say that you’ll be in good hands. You will benefit from the peace of mind associated with knowing that you are represented by a lawyer with a record that anyone could be proud of.

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