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Preparing For An AlterG Session


For those returning from an injury or looking to build strength and endurance, the AlterG treadmill is a new-age technology that can help recondition with less risk of injury. Designed for both walking and running, the AlterG treadmill enhances fitness and confidence in a safe environment.

However, the AlterG might be a mystery to those who have never used it. To explain the process, here is an outline on how to prepare for an AlterG session. 

What Is AlterG?

AlterG is the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Using “unweighting” technology, AlterG can support up to 100% of the user’s body weight. The system combines NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology with real-time gait analysis and pain recording. Physiotherapists can use AlterG to progress or modify training load by changing the amount of supported body weight, depending on the stage of rehabilitation. 

AlterG can help those recovering from injury or surgery, those with chronic or neurological conditions, or athletes looking to boost performance. The benefits include:

  • Improve endurance and strength 
  • Minimise impact by providing support during weight bearing exercise
  • Rehabilitate with less pain and symptoms
  • Build confidence and good habits throughout each training session
  • Reduce the risk of injury and biomechanical issues
  • Speed up recovery times 

AlterG should always be guided and monitored by a trained health professional to ensure maximal safety and effectiveness.

How To Prepare For AlterG

AlterG is becoming exponentially popular throughout the health and sporting community. Here’s how to prepare for an AlterG session:

1- See A Physiotherapist

Consult a physiotherapist prior to an AlterG session to discuss any injuries or personal history. Physiotherapists are trained to assess musculoskeletal problems and prescribe the appropriate treatments. In this way, they can tailor the AlterG session to each individual to maximise recovery or performance outcomes. 

2- Wear Comfortable Clothes 

Just like any other type of physical activity, it’s important to wear the appropriate clothes and footwear. Think fitted shorts or leggings, and avoid baggy items like hoodies or sweatshirts. This is because the AlterG requires the user to wear specially designed shorts that are generally fitted over the top of any clothing. 

3- Hydrate And Fuel Properly 

Once the session starts, the user is zipped into the AlterG. Therefore, it’s important to understand it might not be easy to get in and out, so prepare accordingly. Remember to: 

  • Hydrate well before the session
  • Eat lightly in the hours beforehand or as needed
  • Use the bathroom before starting 

4- Don’t Forget The Essentials 

Just like any normal workout routine, it’s ok to bring all the necessities like a phone, sweat towel, or water bottle. Be sure to keep them within easy reaching distance from the treadmill. Of course, bring any music or monitors that might help throughout as well. 

A Remarkable Training Partner

AlterG is an exclusive rehabilitation tool that gives freedom to users. It is designed to increase strength and build confidence, all the while reducing the overall risk of injury and improving recovery times. Get moving sooner with AlterG.

Discover the benefits of AlterG. Get in touch with the physiotherapists at Evoker to book an AlterG session. 

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