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Taking Care of Your Feelings: Easy-to-Use Apps for Mental Health

Your mind is just as important as your body. Sometimes, we feel sad, scared, or worried, but we might not want to talk about it. However, mental health is crucial for living a good life. Many people deal with mental health issues, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, about 1 in 5 Americans and 1 in 8 people worldwide have a mental health condition each year.

So what to do? The first step to feeling better is realizing how you feel and talking to a doctor about it. If you are feeling really anxious or down, talking to a professional can make a big difference. There are also simple things you can do every day to feel better. You can talk to a friend or family, take your dog for a walk, plant some trees, get help from different mental health apps and the list goes on. If you are interested in the last option, this post is for you.

Since we use our phones for everything, why not use them to help our emotions too? There are lots of mental health apps out there to choose from. They can do all sorts of things, like reading bedtime stories or helping you relax with music. The best part is, they are super easy to use because you already have your phone with you all the time.

To find the best app for you, we looked through lots of reviews to see what each app offers. So, here are some of the top mental health apps to check out!

Pro Tip: Run an internet speed test before downloading and using the apps because most of them require a steady connection. If you already have a good one like Xfinity, there won’t be any issues.


This app reminds us that taking care of our mental health is just as important as looking after our bodies. With Moodfit, you can track how you’re feeling throughout the day, and even over several days. It sends positive messages to keep you motivated and lets you explore how things like your diet and exercise routine affect your mood. It’s like a workout for your mind. You can get it for both iPhones and Android phones, and it’s free, though there are some extra things you can buy in the app.


SuperBetter is a game that helps you become stronger and more positive, even when life gets tough. You can use it on iPhones and Android phones. It gives you different goals to choose from, like learning how to deal with anxiety or depression. It’s not just for adults; teachers can use it too to help students with their mental health. The app gives you a list of things to do, like drinking water or going for a walk, and when you finish a task, you get rewards to make you feel good. Right now, you can download and use it for free.

What’s Up?

This app is like having a little helper in your pocket for when you are feeling down. It uses ideas from therapy to help you deal with things like depression and anxiety. You can use it on your iPhone or Android phone. It has lots of features, like a habit tracker to help you form good habits, a diary to keep track of how you’re feeling, and a game with questions to help you stay grounded. Whether you’re just starting to deal with mental health issues or you’ve been struggling for a while, What’s Up? can be a great friend to have.


Sometimes, talking to a therapist in person can be scary, especially if you are new to it. Talkspace makes it easier by letting you chat with a therapist on your phone. You can use it to send messages, videos, or voice recordings to your therapist, and they will reply to you during the week. If you want, you can even have live video sessions every week for an extra cost.

Worry Watch

Worry Watch helps you keep track of how you’re feeling over time, so you can see what makes you anxious and how you can cope better. It has things like mood check-ins, where you write down how you feel, and guided journaling to help you work through your feelings. There are also exercises to help you relax, like deep breathing and visualization. If you use it regularly, you can see patterns in your mood and learn what triggers your anxiety.

Taking care of our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical well-being. The apps mentioned provide valuable resources for tracking moods, building resilience, managing anxiety and depression, and accessing professional support conveniently from our smartphones.


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