Why Choose a Men’s Sober Living Facility? How It Can Help in Your Recovery

Recent addiction statistics have shown that, while both sexes suffer from addiction in certain ways, men are more likely to become addicts. Addiction to any substance is a terrible existence.

The constant need to get more and the hopeless feeling that one has lost control of one’s own urges and desires are almost unbearable realities. Fortunately, these are not realities that one ever has to permanently resign themselves to.

Sober living for men can help men break addictions quicker and rebuild their lives. That’s wonderful, but what is sober living any way? Learn all you need to know in this short guide.

Sober Living Programs

One of the strongest driving forces behind a person’s struggle with their addiction is their environment. This even extends to the environment their family may have created for themselves over generations.

A sober living home’s first crucial benefit is that it takes the person out of the environment in which (or from which) their addiction grew. Sober living programs then give people support in a variety of ways.

In a sober living environment, a person will have group and individual counseling sessions and even medical help in fighting the addiction (if necessary). The program also gives people the responsibility to contribute to the community. The greater meaning the person derives from keeping the program together increases their drive to stay in the program and gives them a sense of community.

However, because there are so many different types of people, there are many different types of sober living programs. Some are more adventure-oriented, while others focus on counseling. It’s good to find more information about a specific program to see if it will work for you before joining.

Why Make Sober Living for Men Specifically

As stated in our intro, addiction is different for men and women. Recovery programs for men will address their gender-specific needs. This includes managing men with more energy and the capability to deal with powerful men suffering withdrawal symptoms. It also includes therapy, where men are free to discuss societal expectations and masculinity.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Program

The number one thing to look for in a recovery home is staff that treats the residents with dignity but does not enable any deviations from strict rules. Many newer and underfunded programs often lack the capabilities and experience to do this.

Look for a well-established place with a trusted reputation and good outcomes. Part of the program should focus on life after addiction.

Many people fall back into addiction because they return to their old environment. A good program should equip you with the courage or skills to move into a brand-new future.

Building a Life After Addiction

If you’re a man struggling with an addiction, finding a program that offers sober living for men is a good first step. The program will help you detox physically and emotionally. The new environment goes a long way in helping this process.

With new jobs, rules, and responsibilities, you’ll learn to build meaning back into your life. This is an excellent platform from which you can take back control and have a good post-addiction future.

Dealing with an addiction means replacing bad habits with healthy ones. Learn about putting healthy habits in place on our health and lifestyle blog.

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