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Brmaja Acquires 70% of the “Wellness Plus” Mental Health Platform

Brmaja company for Information Technology & innovative solutions, a subsidiary of the Brmaja International Group, signed a partnership agreement with the founders of Wellness plus platform and the 100 Million Mental Health Initiative, to create and launch the Wellnessplus digital platform to provide mental health services online via the web and a mobile application in Egypt and the Middle East.

Brmaja acquired 70% of Wellnessplus, where the platform is designed and programmed by Brmaja , including the mobile application and website, in addition to full support for marketing and promoting the services of the platform inside and outside Egypt with the provision of hosting services and video conferencing services.

The Wellnessplus mental health platform is also characterized by providing online payment services to support payments for clients and patients who will receive treatment service online, and the platform includes a group of senior specialized psychiatrists, as well as psychological rehabilitation specialists and many mental health specialties, which have met with great success on the communication pages. Wellness Plus and the 100 Million Seha Group are the most popular mental health services.

Dr. Hatem Bakheet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brmaja Group, said that the deal comes within the framework of the group’s plan to expand inside Egypt during the current year and increase its investments in the local market by 20% during 2022, in light of strengthening cooperation and developing joint investments between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

For his part, Osama Kamal, General Manager of the Brmaja Innovation Company, said that the company is proud of its new partnership with Wellnessplus for mental health, which is supported by a wide range of expertise in the field of mental health, which will be directly reflected in the success and excellence of the Wellnessplus application and website, the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, including Unique services in the field of psychological journalism, in a way that supports the efforts of the state in the field of health and enhances the role of the 100 Million Mental Health Initiative.

Dr. Aisha Hassan, the behavioral consultant and founder of the 100 Million Mental Health Initiative, said that the founders and providers of Wellnessplus mental health services on social media and the 100 Million Mental Health Group are proud and excited to cooperate with the “Brmaja Innovation” company to launch the Wellnessplus application and website to provide more advanced and easy services. And privacy for clients and patients whom Wellness Pages have always been honored to serve.

About Brmaja Group

The Brmaja group is a leading global company in digital solutions, and it owns both “Brmaja Technology” and “Brmaja Innovation”, and it is present in 16 countries, including 8 main countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and the UAE, and its services reach 8 other countries, the United States. USA, India, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, England, Canada and Ukraine.

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