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Altibbi Achieves 3,000,000 Telemedicine Consultation in MENA

The leading telemedicine platform in the MENA region (Altibbi) announced that it achieved 3,000,000 telehealth consultations to date.

Altibbi is the first digital health platform in the MENA region since its start in 2010, it provides 1.5 million pages of simple health tips, disease management, medical information, and drug information, medical information in a simplified way for all healthcare consumers in the Arab world.

About Altibbi

Altibbi is a Jordanian digital health platform established in 2010 with four operating offices in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, it provides its services in 12 countries with more than 70,000 registered physicians to be the largest provider with a big base of accredited physicians who provide telehealth consultations and remote care services all day long 24/7 that serves all Arabic speaking society.

It started to provide telehealth consultation through simple questions and answers through their online portal, physicians answer questions asked by their website visitors.

Altibbi continued its development over the years to include multiple services like medical calculators, directory for healthcare facilities, and health news.

They developed a digital platform for physicians called (The Clinic) to automate workflow in private clinics and enhance the patient experience, through a web-based solution that enables physicians to monitor their workflow anywhere. the clinic platform also provides the capability of appointment scheduling, giving remote consultation, and e-prescription.

Altibbi is also cooperating with the best pharmaceutical and insurance companies to bring about digital transformation in the field of healthcare in the Arab world.

The vital role of Altibbi during the Coronavirus pandemic

As for the year 2020, which witnessed the spread of the new Coronavirus pandemic, Altibbi digital health platform was able to expand the provision of its services and succeeded in dealing with 20 times the usual demand on the platform, without any delay in the response time or the quality of the services provided.

During the year 2020, Altibbi succeeded in obtaining more than 650,000 new subscribers from Saudi Arabia alone, and the company also partnered with the governments of Egypt and Jordan to provide health care services remotely through hotlines for matters related to the Covid-19 pandemic, which made it easier for citizens. Receive the necessary information and relieve some of the pressure on the healthcare system as a whole.

The hotline for Coronavirus operates in both countries around the clock, seven days a week (24/7), and the numbers of these lines are:

In Jordan, Altibbi provides its services through the hotline number: 111

In Egypt Altibbi provides its services though the hotline number: 105 or 15311, as these lines operate at a 99% response rate, allowing callers to obtain a direct response to their inquiries about the Coronavirus, by speaking to more than 1000 accredited doctors for free. This was done through the (The Million Initiative) sponsored by Telecom Egypt, and in partnership with the Supreme Council of Universities which is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Higher Education, and Nile Scan & Paire Health Labs.

Jalil al-Labadi, founder and CEO of Altibbi, said: “This commendable achievement is of exceptional importance, as it has been achieved under pandemic conditions facing the world for more than a year ago, as the solutions we offer have proven their effectiveness in solving real problems the people face. And we are looking forward to continually develop the Integrated health solutions that we provide, access to new markets, and enrichment of medical content presented in the Arabic language.

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