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Dedalus Software Will Support Over 5 Million Egyptian citizens

Dedalus, a global leader in the digital transformation of healthcare, attended the
very first Africa Health ExCon event which was held under the slogan ‘Your gate
to innovation and trade’.

Over 20,000 visitors from around the world met with 350 companies on the 5-7th
June, at the International Exhibition Centre in Cairo.

The exhibition offered scientific conferences, lectures and workshops from 300 national and international speakers and boasts to be the biggest medical exhibition and conference on the continent.

President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who inaugurated the Africa Health ExCon
event, called for fellow African countries to align in the health sector. With access
to care being one of the biggest challenges in Africa, and the population
predicted to double by 2050, the Agenda 2063 aims to transform Africa into the
global powerhouse of the future.

The event objectives were to refocus the minds of the Health and Pharma businesses of the investment potential of Africa.

President El-Sisi stated that the target to finalize the Universal Health Insurance
program will be accomplished in 10 years, rather than the proposed 15.

Launched in 2018 across five governorates, the nationwide completion is set for 2027.

Working with the General Authority for Health Care (GAHC), Dedalus has
supported the successful Egyptian Universal Health Insurance.

In cooperation with Vodafone Egypt, Dedalus has implemented the digital transformation of 110 healthcare institutions and provides healthcare coverage to 2,200,000 Egyptian citizens, which will increase to 5,150,000 citizens.

In line with the 2030 vision of Egypt, where all Egyptians enjoy a safe and healthy life through the implementation of an integrated health system, the target is for every Egyptian citizen to be covered by health insurance.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, chairman of the board of directors of the GAHC stated that
health is a human right and a key focus for achieving comprehensive sustainable
development for Egypt’s 2030 vision and achieving the objectives of the African
Union agenda 2063.

Dedalus has been an integral part of the digitalization of healthcare in Egypt,
offering multiple and diverse solutions for each phase of the continuum of care.

This ensures the integration of every single care setting, institution and system in
the process, supporting efficient care planning and effective patient engagement.

“Africa is a young continent with many natural and human resources. Efforts
must be joined to formulate unified strategies to improve healthcare in the
African continent”, Dr El-Sobky stated during the conference on Health System
Reform in Egypt – Towards Universal Health Coverage.
Following the unique opportunity of gathering global representatives of
healthcare during Africa Health Excon, prospects for the future of healthcare
across Africa is prosperous.
Dedalus were able to attend the event, courtesy of the French Chamber of
Commerce and Industry in Egypt.

About Dedalus

dedalus logo

Dedalus is a global leading health software company, with the purpose to serve
each actor in the health care ecosystem to provide better care on a healthier

Founded in Florence, in 1980, Dedalus is currently present in over 40
countries and serves a +540m population. Working at scale with over 6300
healthcare organizations, Dedalus enables multiple local healthcare models and
ecosystems to digitally transform care.

Across the Middle East and Africa region, there are currently 438 live facilities across 7 countries. From supporting private facilities in Saudi Arabia to achieve HIMSS EMRAM 7, to rolling out a solution that provides for 2.7 million Egyptian citizens, Dedalus enables connected healthcare and social ecosystem across the continuum of care.

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