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The Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority (UPA) Organizes Africa Health ExCon in June 2022

The Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority (UPA) for Medical Supplies and Management of Medical Technology is organizing the first African Medical Exhibition and Forum “Africa Health ExCon” to be the continental hub for innovation and trade in Egypt as well as in Africa with the aim of creating a sustainable platform that connects all healthcare workers and stakeholders in the world.

This comes in line with the interest of the political leadership in Egypt to develop the healthcare system and keep pace with Egypt’s Vision 2030 to achieve the state’s strategic plan to achieve the principles and goals of sustainable development of the United Nations “good health and well-being” and Egypt’s Health Vision 2030.

This is done by promoting the concept of: equitable access, efficient use of resources, keeping pace with innovation and health technology, paving the way for the implementation of universal health insurance, and promoting prevention and public health. With the focus of African Agenda 2063 on increasing investments in healthcare to promote health on the continent.

All this to achieve integration between all African countries and international companies working in the medical fields to ensure the arrival of the latest medical technology to the African people.

The exhibition will be held from 5 to 7 June 2022 at the Egypt International Exhibition and Conference Center (EIEC) in Cairo on an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters under the patronage of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to serve as an annual forum between international companies working in the medical field and healthcare officials from Africa and countries Arab and all over the world and for companies to show what is new in the medical field.

The exhibition aims for integration and cooperation in the field of health between African and Arab countries to meet the needs in the medical field, whether products or services, to open new markets for international companies in Africa through the “Africa Health ExCon” portal through Egypt, to refocus the minds of all health and pharmaceutical workers on Investment potential in Africa.

The “Africa Health ExCon” exhibition includes many fields such as: medical preparations, medical supplies, dental supplies, medical devices, chemicals and laboratory reagents, packaging, medical insurance, therapeutic nutrition and vitamins, hospitals and pharmacies, cosmetics and leather products, and nutritional industries.

The medical exhibition and conference “Africa Health ExCon” also offers unique conferences and continuing education programs for medical professionals, highlighting the most common topics in the medical field occupying the African continent. Prof. Dr. Adel Adawy (President of the Egyptian Medical Association).

The “Africa Health ExCon” exhibition allows the participants several advantages for the exhibitors by meeting key figures from government entities, hospitals, manufacturers, leaders, healthcare decision-makers, suppliers, global consultants, experts, and professionals in the medical field around the world under one roof, not only as an opportunity to expand the exhibitor’s distribution but also as an opportunity to expand the chains of Procurement and building new partnerships, to be the ideal place to announce the latest innovations and developments and present them to an interactive target audience looking for new business opportunities.

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