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Egyptian Digital Pharmacopeia is on the Way

The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) held the fourth cycle meeting for the preparation of the Egyptian digital Pharmacopoeia, headed by Dr. Ayman Al-Khatib, Vice President of the Egyptian Drug Authority and Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Drafting the Draft of the Egyptian digital Pharmacopoeia, at the headquarters of the Egyptian Drug Authority in Agouza.

Al-Khatib indicated that the meeting witnessed a discussion of the importance of making the Egyptian Digital Pharmacopoeia available digitally on the official website of the Egyptian Drug Authority after completing its drafting, in line with the global trend, and maximizing the benefit of workers in the field of medicine from this reference and regulatory framework for everything related to medicines and pharmaceutical preparations.

They also discussed mechanisms of cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, the importance of the pharmacopeia in the field of manufacturing support, and increasing investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical field, as well as discussing mechanisms of cooperation with international pharmacopeia bodies, especially the “British Pharmacopoeia – B.ph”, and the American Pharmacopoeia. “USP”, and the International Pharmacopoeia “IP” issued by the World Health Organization, with regard to the exchange of experiences and information.

It is mentioned that the Pharmacopoeia is a scientific reference “an official book” issued by the country meant authority and granted by the government to issue it,

Pharmacopeia includes important medicines and their vocabulary, including the definition of each of them, their specifications, identification tests, tests of their degree of discrepancy, and methods of calibration and its preparation, and its quantities when used, and it is considered an approved reference for everything related to medicines and pharmaceutical preparations.

This comes within the framework of the political leadership’s support for the importance of building a strong Egyptian pharmaceutical system, the trend towards supporting the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry, the development of frameworks, policies and strategies regulating the drug market, and the priority of defining the features of this system through the inauguration of a reference entity for Egyptian pharmaceutical policies represented in the Egyptian Pharmacopoeia.

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