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UAE, The First Country in MEA to Have Unified Medical Records (Riayati) Platform

The United Arab Emirates has become the first country in the Middle East and Africa region which has a digitally enabled national healthcare platform, the platform achieved a high degree of interoperability and integration with other healthcare systems in the UAE.

A new webinar was held recently in the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) in UAE to introduce “Riayati” platform functionalities and mechanisms to healthcare service providers. Representatives from hospitals and health centers in the Northern Emirates also attended the event.

The launch of the health data exchange platform “Riayati” in coordination with the health authorities in the country comes in line with the Ministry’s strategy to develop health information systems, apply global standards in infrastructure management in health facilities, and develop appropriate technology for a population health management system within the framework of the unified national medical record.

This can be achieved by a digital health platform displaying up-to-date patient record data and providing innovative solutions in automation, health data management, and telemedicine systems enhancement.

Improved Health Outcomes

The importance of Riayati clinical objectives, adds Dr. Kalthoum Al-Baloushy, Director of the Administration of MHAP Hospitals “The patient care experience should be improved to make the most use of the platform, among others, by reducing mistakes and duplication of medical records, increasing monitoring of diseases and cost efficiencies via automation. This would help medical and administrative personnel to make better clinical choices, save time, improve management of health expenses, and improve health outcomes, with community members engagement.”

Patient-Centered Platform

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Health Information Systems director at MoHAP said Riayati is a patient-centered platform to better serve society and increase people’s health and well-being. “Riayati provides up-to-date patient health data, including medical history, medicines, and hospital stay lengths. The aim of this program is to facilitate the transfer and smooth exchange of records and data between public and private hospitals. Thus it provides a seamless patient experience and saves time and money and improves healthcare quality across the country.

About Riayati Unified Healthcare Platform

Riayati is a national healthcare digital platform for exchanging health information in healthcare facilities and is considered one of the pillars of UAE healthcare future by enabling people and healthcare providers to exchange health information to achieve the vision of the UAE health sector in improving the quality of care and leverage the level of health services and raising the level of happiness of patients and customers.

Riayati will provide its services to the whole UAE country, including medical clinics and diagnostic centers, dialysis centers, and pharmacies, through public and private clinics in the UAE as well as through more than 2,500 other health care facilities. In order to create a central database to exchange information about public health in real-time, this platform is connected with other affiliated physician records (including ‘Nabidh‘ and ‘Malaffi’).

“Riayati” project is part of the unified national health file and the Population Health Administration system, which was launched by Sheikh “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Governor of Dubai, during the activities of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2018.

Riayati platform provides the ability to electronically transfer clinical information between different healthcare information systems, with the aim of facilitating access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide better patient care in a timely and efficient manner.

It also provides health authorities with a database for health analysis and planning processes to build on national indicators and standards at the public health level in the United Arab Emirates.

The platform contributes to providing patient information, regardless of where the care or services are provided, to the medical staff to enable them to provide appropriate healthcare that focuses on the patient.

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