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Egyptian Telemedicine Startup (Docspert) Has 6 Figure USD Fund To Expand In 2021

Who is Docspert?

Docspert is an Egyptian startup that started in Feb 2020, provides Telehealth and Teleconsultation services for healthcare through texting and video calls, operating in UK and Egypt with international experts from USA, Europe, and Egypt to be the first Egyptian telemedicine service that provides international medical expertise to the Middle East and Africa regions.

What Happened?

Docspert announced in January that it has closed a seed funding round with flat6labs and angel investors from UK and USA. the main objective of this investment to expand the business all over Egypt and then the GCC region.

Docspert platform provides telemedicine services for more than 40 medical specialties by more than 100 carefully assigned medical experts from UK, USA and Europe.

One of Docspert unique services, it provides consultation for complex cancer cases from a panel of up to 4 medical experts from complementary disciplines to give a joint consultation to the patient and there is an Arabic speaking assistant for the patient during the consultation.

Prof. Hisham Mehanna, Chairman of Docspert Health and a world-renowned head and neck cancer surgeon, said, “We are extremely pleased to have closed this deal with a group of angel investors from Silicon Valley and London. The investors were particularly attracted not only to our innovative platform and business model but also to our ethos of social responsibility. They were keen to help Docspert Health in its journey to provide the best medical advice to the people of the Middle East and Africa.”

Muhammed Chaudhry, the Managing Partner at MAC Capital Partners, California, commenting on the occasion, said, “As investors, we were attracted to Docspert Health, not only for its great business model and the supreme quality of its service but also for the social good and impact that it does.”

Albert Malaty, Managing Director of Flat6Labs Cairo, said, “Docspert’s innovative global health tech platform, alongside their strong founding team, adds up to a recipe for success. Flat6Labs Cairo is looking forward to being part of their growth journey.”

Telemedicine services are still growing especially after the Coronavirus pandemic and the new social distancing concept, where all patients need a healthcare consultation without having to visit healthcare facilities or travel abroad to get a second opinion consultation from experts.

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