Pfizer Targets $54 Billion Sales of the Covid-19 Vaccine and Treatment 2022

The US company, “Pfizer”, recorded a quarterly profit of $3.39 billion in the period from October to December, compared to $847 million during the same period one year ago.

And the company’s business results revealed that it recorded quarterly profits higher than analysts’ expectations, and its revenues rose, but less than estimates, while it expects to record strong sales of its vaccine and treatment for the Coronavirus.

And “Pfizer” recorded earnings per share of $ 1.08, compared to $ 0.43 during the same period in 2020, and against analysts’ expectations of $ 0.87.

While its revenues jumped 104.9% to $23.84 billion, it is lower than analysts’ expectations at $24.16 billion.

And “Pfizer” raised its forecast for sales of the “Covid-19” vaccine for the total 2022 from the level of 31 billion to 32 billion dollars.

While it expects that its sales value from its treatment for the Coronavirus, known as “Paxlovid”, will reach the level of 22 billion dollars.

Pfizer’s expectations indicated that it will record adjusted earnings per share at a level ranging between $6.35 and $6.55 for the total for the current year, but it is lower than analysts’ expectations of $6.71.

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