Diabetes Mellitus and Oral Health

In this article, we will discuss the relationship between diabetes mellitus and oral health.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that affects the entire body and there is a close relationship between it and oral health. Oral symptoms appear clearly and frequently when diabetes is not adequately controlled, due to:

  • Weakened immune system and defense mechanism.
  • Thickening of blood vessels, which leads to poor blood flow to tissues.

These oral symptoms look like:

  • Crusting, inflammation and pain in the corners of the mouth
  • Oral dryness due to the lack of saliva flow, which leads to an increase in dental caries.
  • Burning feeling
  • Delayed healing of oral wounds.
  • Fungal infections;
  • Periodontal diseases: abscesses, pockets, scars, bleeding, gingival enlargement, blisters,
  • Gradual loss of bone supporting the teeth and thus movement and vibration in the teeth.

How to Retain Oral Health for People with Diabetes Mellitus?

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions to maintain a normal blood sugar level.
  • Be careful not to accumulate calculus and bacterial plaque on the surfaces of the teeth, by using the small brush designated for cleaning between the teeth.
  • Make sure to have a periodic dental examination and routine cleaning in the clinic.
  • If you have a removable denture, make sure to remove it and clean it daily.
  • Avoid smoking, as gum disease is 20 times higher in diabetic smokers.

This article briefly discussed oral health and diabetes mellitus, so you can learn how to keep your dental health and avoid its complications with simple steps.

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