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8 Advanced Degrees for Sociology Majors

Let’s say you’ve made it through your undergraduate studies in sociology with flying colors and are ready to take your academic career even further. But what advanced degree path should you pursue?

Whether you’re eager to stay within the field of sociology or push yourself outside of it, there’s an abundance of degree programs to suit any career. So, if you have the drive to keep learning and building on what you already know, keep reading. This article mentions eight unique advanced degrees ideally suited for the sociology major, along with their benefits.

1)     Master of Social Work (MSW)

If you’re looking for an advanced degree in sociology, consider a Master of Social Work with a concentration in sociology. Not only will you gain specialized knowledge and skills in the social sciences, but you’ll also be prepared to work with complex populations and respond to the difficult challenges faced by our society nowadays.

 Here are some benefits that this program offers:

  • A chance to develop a more comprehensive view of social problems and solutions
  • An opportunity to apply advanced research methods to determine the needs of target populations
  • A focus on using evidence-based approaches for social work practice

Today, you can even enroll in an online masters in social work to save money and time while establishing your career in medical and mental health facilities, social services, and charitable organizations. So if you’re looking to take your sociology career to the next level, this advanced degree may be just what you need.

2)     MSc In Social Data Analytics

This degree program combines the study of sociology with quantitative methods and computer science, allowing graduates to become experts in analyzing social datasets.

This program will provide you with a wide range of quantitative and analytical skills, such as statistical programming, data analysis and visualization techniques, machine learning tools, and applied research methods. You’ll also learn how to design experiments and interpret results.

An MSc in social data analytics prepares you for job opportunities ranging from data analysts at tech companies to research assistants in a university setting. So if you’re searching for an innovative way to apply your sociology background, this could be the perfect fit.

3)     MSc in Public Administration

This degree program covers a range of topics that can help you make an impact, from understanding the dynamics of group behavior to learning about the political and economic systems that govern our lives. You will learn how to analyze data relevant to public policy, design innovative solutions based on research, evaluate solutions ethically, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Moreover, you will gain a deeper understanding of power dynamics between citizens and governments, which can be used to create effective strategies for social change.

4)     MA In Sociology

MA programs in sociology can provide an in-depth look at the field, with courses ranging anywhere from social policy and organization theory to research methods and public health. You’ll also likely have access to faculty mentoring, research opportunities, and alumni networks that can help open doors after you graduate.

Plus, here are some other great features of an MA program:

– Core classes will focus on sociological theory and methods while allowing room for pursuing electives in specialized areas like cultural anthropology.

– You’ll get to develop advanced proficiencies in data analysis and research design.

– Most MA programs require students to complete a capstone project or thesis, meaning you’ll have the chance to explore your areas of interest and demonstrate your command over the subject matter.

5)     MSc in Social Research Methods

This degree combines applied data analysis with theory, equipping students with the expertise and knowledge to understand and conduct social research, from gathering and collecting data to interpreting results. Plus, not only can you specialize in demography, psychology, and public health, but this program also covers various topics. Here are some of the courses you can expect to take:

– Survey Design

– Computer Programming for Social Research

– Regression Analysis

– Qualitative Research Methods

– Advanced Quantitative Analysis

An MS in Social Research Methods provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of social research, allowing students to craft their specialty. This allows them to become a reliable source for furthering our understanding of complex social phenomena.

6)     MA in Social Policy and Administration

The Master of Arts (MA) in Social Policy and Administration is a great way to take your skills and expertise to the next level. You’ll study topics ranging from social policy development to quantitative research methods and program evaluation. You’ll also have the chance to gain valuable experience through internships with both government and nonprofit agencies.

The degree includes core courses such as:

– Quantitative Research Methods

– Policy Analysis

– Social Policy Development

You’ll also have the chance to specialize further by taking elective courses such as International Comparative Social Policies, Applied Consumer Behavior Analysis, and Cultural Diversity in Organizations.

7)     Msc In Sustainable And Social Innovation

This advanced degree is designed to equip sociology majors with the skills and qualifications they need to be successful in the wide variety of roles available in this field.

So what can you expect from this course?

– You’ll learn to think critically about the complex relationships between sustainability, social innovation, and social change.

– You’ll explore how sustainable development impacts people, places, and organizations and different approaches to tackling issues like poverty, health, education, and climate change.

– You’ll be equipped with knowledge on how to identify real-world problems, suggest potential solutions, and evaluate their impacts.

– This course also includes a practical element that will give you experience in applying your theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

8)     MSc in Population Studies

This degree provides an in-depth understanding of global population trends and their effects on society and discusses how to use data from empirical sources. You’ll learn about international migration, urbanization, and how government policies shape these processes.

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the following:

– Population dynamics

– Demographic analysis techniques

– The sociology of quantitative methods

– Population planning and policy


If you’re a sociology major and want to take your career to the next level, an advanced degree program is the perfect way to do so. Whether you’re interested in social work or data analysis, an advanced degree program can help you pursue your passion and reach your goals.

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