Etisalat Digital Launches Cloud Platform for Electronic Medical Records in UAE

The UAE based communications company Etisalat and its platform Etisalat Digital announced the launch of a cloud platform for electronic medical records in UAE, which is one of the most important supportive solutions for healthcare facilities, with the aim of health information exchange in real-time across the United Arab Emirates during the transition towards an advanced healthcare system that ensures the well-being and health of all residents in UAE.

This step is in line with the government’s long-term strategy and the UAE Vision, which aims to raise the healthcare sector to advanced levels and apply the latest international standards in managing the infrastructure of healthcare facilities in the country.

Etisalat Digital provides solutions that keep pace with regulatory requirements in standardizing the medical records of patients, citizens, and residents, as this platform aims in the near future to link more than 3000 healthcare service providers in the public and private sectors across the country to be able to exchange health information seamlessly.

The electronic medical records cloud platform meets one of the most important needs of the private healthcare sector in terms of the possibility of using an electronic medical record for patients, as the flexible and secure SD-WAN service, which is fully managed by Etisalat, contributes to connecting all licensed clinics and pharmacies to a central and secure database.

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer, Etisalat Group, said: “Etisalat seeks to enable digital transformation in the healthcare sector by providing appropriate technologies to create sustainable business models and contribute to the transformation towards a health system based on value services.

This central platform of healthcare contributes It aims to upgrade the health system in the UAE to an advanced level, as it provides great potential based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the 5G network, and the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT), which supports the digital transformation of the health sector and related national initiatives.”

Private healthcare facilities can register and start using the cloud platform for electronic medical records and other services with complete ease, as it provides electronic medical record-keeping in addition to a package of digital services that enhance the efficiency and management of daily operations.

By utilizing cloud computing technology, this platform aims to expand its services to hundreds of private healthcare facilities in the next phase.

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