Longer Time Between Two doses of the Coronavirus Vaccine Increases its Effectiveness

A British study was conducted with 503 participants, to compare the different time periods between giving the first dose and the second dose of the Coronavirus Pfizer vaccine.

The researchers found that the groups of participants who received two doses of corona vaccine after a longer period of time between the two doses (8 weeks), had a greater and higher level of antibodies to the delta variant of coronavirus than the other groups that had shorter periods of time between the two doses (3-4 weeks).

The researchers indicated that the level of antibodies to the Coronavirus Delta variant did not persist for a long time after taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which calls into question the importance and effectiveness of the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The British government relies on the fact that the interval between doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is 8 weeks, to increase the immune response against the delta variant of Coronavirus after it was approved for a period of 12 weeks during the month of December.

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