Coronavirus wave 2 in Africa has a higher mortality rate

in late 2020, wave two of coronavirus has started and still has a growing infection rate across the continent the African center of control and disease prevention announced that there is a weekly 14% increase in the number of cases for the last month.

According to Africa CDC, the total number of cases in Africa has reached almost 3.3 million cases of coronavirus and nearly 82,000 deaths with a death rate of 2.5% which is higher than the global average which is 2.2%.

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in Western Sahara – an African Union member state – has a death rate of 11.8 percent, followed by Sudan at 6.2 percent, Egypt at 5.5 percent, Liberia at 4.4 percent, and Mali at four percent.

the limited beds, limited supplies, and the ability of nurses and physicians to handle the cases in the proper way are serious challenges to fight the pandemic.

John Nkengasong (Africa CDC) director mentioned in a press conference the last Thursday that the need for oxygen supplies has been increasingly critical and health systems should fight hard to mitigate the consequences of the second wave of coronavirus.

The availability of coronavirus vaccine is also one of the critical subjects that will contribute to fighting the impact of this pandemic and save more lives, The African director of WHO mentioned that the WHO COVAX program has an important objective to deliver 600 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to the continent by the end of 2021.

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