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Royale Home Health has Partnered with Dedalus, to Extend the Delivery of Care Beyond the Hospital Walls, Using the Leading Home Care Solution

PRESS RELEASE – Kuwait, 11th of August, Royale Home health is a subsidiary of the Royale Hayat Hospital in Kuwait City. The high-end luxury hospital has enabled remote hospitality services and holistic clinical care with next-generation enterprise mobility and home care solution.

This will ensure the continuum of care and integration of healthcare services at all phases of the patient journey.

The innovative Home Care Solution enables a personalized approach to care coordination, with a highly specialized, well-trained and solutions-oriented care team.

It ensures the best possible patient experience, to meet individual needs, using a comprehensive set of features for care delivery.

Such features include facilitating the integrated scheduling of appointments with practitioner clinical documentation, geo-tracking of resources, and personalized health records that enable the patient to easily and safely seek medical services as well as access their own clinical data.

With regards to the Dedalus team and systems, Shibu Mathew, CFO & HR Director Royale Hayat stated that the “Solution is simple, interactive, and focuses more on patient-specific.”

The smooth process of implementing the Home Care solution meant that all requirements of the business objectives were met and the transition into this technology was fully supported.

Vrajesh VR, IT Manager at Royale Hayat noted that “Our team at Royale Home Health truly appreciates the work and support you have given to make this project a success.”

The technology allows licensed and certified specialist resources to be dedicated to home care visits including Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Services, Geriatrics, Post-surgical Trauma Care, Maternity and Newborn Care.

“This successful project further cements Royal Home Health as one of the leading facilities in Kuwait and the region. The solutions implemented by the Dedalus team play a key role in Royal Home health’s ability to advance the quality and safety of care delivery and further re-enforces that life truly flows through our software.” Phil Humber, Managing Director of Dedalus MEA.

About Dedalus

Dedalus is the leading provider of healthcare and diagnostic software in Europe and one of the world’s largest. Our shareholding structure guarantees financial capacity and stability, thanks to the investment from Ardian, the largest private investment company in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

In 2016, Dedalus decided to focus its expansion strategy on the accelerating demand for innovative and comprehensive solutions to support the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

Dedalus now supports the digital transformation of 6,100 hospitals and 5,300 Laboratories worldwide, processing its solutions for more than 330M patient records. Currently, there are 347 live facilities in the Middle East and Africa using Enterprise Management solutions.

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