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Colliers International: Egypt needs $ 12 to $ 15 billion to add 38,000 new beds by 2030

Mansour Ahmed, Director of Education and Health Care at Colliers International, Middle East, said that based on the ongoing population increase in Egypt, by 2030, the country will need approximately 38,000 new beds (based on Egypt’s ratio of 1.3 beds / 1000 inhabitants)

With investments estimated at $ 12 to $ 15 billion and up to 120,000 new beds (based on the MENA region’s share of 1.9 beds / 1,000 people) with investments estimated at $ 35 to $ 40 billion.

In today’s remarks, he noted that besides providing advice to operators and investors from the private sector, one of Colliers’ main goals when it comes to investing in healthcare in Egypt is to strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors in order to increase the total number of hospitals in relation to the growing population in Egypt.

Mansour Ahmed indicated that 88,000 additional doctors, 78,000 nurses and 18,000 pharmacists will be needed to meet the population’s continuing requirements by 2030, indicating an increased demand for medical education institutions.

He stressed that Egypt and the African region must follow in the footsteps of Dubai and establish healthcare cities to meet the demand for high-quality, patient-centered health care, and in order to attract medical tourists as well as promote hospitalization tourism in the northern coast and other coastal developments to increase the demand for homes and second resorts through Providing beauty farms, healthy farms, and rehabilitation centers.

Colliers Director of Research, Consulting, and Healthcare explained that healthcare cities have demonstrated a wide range of services in healthcare, medical education, research, medicines, medical and wellness equipment, and allied support that contribute to Egypt’s GDP and create job opportunities. He also noted that Colliers is working with a number of international healthcare operators and investors who are keen to expand in Egypt.

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