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Alma Health Makes a Quantum Leap in the Health Sector in the GCC Region

Press Release: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Like other sectors of the country, the healthcare sector has witnessed a qualitative leap due to the pandemic, represented by the adoption of innovative solutions at the level of traditional health services.

In the middle of 2020, Khaldoun Bushnaq and Tariq Siksek founded Alma Health to create digital health solutions designed to facilitate healthcare for people with chronic conditions, giving them a fully digital experience, from a doctor’s consultation at the push of a button to medication delivery to continuing care services from home.

The Abu Dhabi startup recognized the scalable gap in managing chronic conditions and therefore sought to develop life-changing solutions. It is noteworthy that Alma Health is licensed by the Ministry of Health in the country and approved by the most prominent health insurance networks.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the technology sector, Alma Health founders Khaldoun Bushnaq, former Head of Strategy at Careem, and Tariq Siksek, former Head of Product Division at Dubizzle, have built a user-centric healthcare company to serve the needs of the 20 million residents of the GCC They have at least one chronic condition.

The Middle East is one of the regions most affected by chronic conditions, with rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma and other diseases increasing year by year.

Khaldoon Bushnaq, the co-founder of Alma Health, commented: “Our mission at Alma Health is to create a world where chronic conditions do not complicate people’s lives.

We believe that managing health needs should be as easy as a click of a button, and that’s what we’ve worked to achieve at Alma Health.

I have to say that we have been seeing steady monthly growth of at least 40% in terms of users since our launch last year, and we look forward to expanding our services across the UAE and Saudi Arabia very soon.”

Alma Health is based on a proprietary operating system that connects healthcare professionals, insurance networks, doctors and pharmacists to users to ensure that every user experience is as seamless as possible.

The Alma Health team also spares no effort to meet users’ needs including obtaining necessary approvals from insurance companies, preparing various prescriptions, and delivering medicines directly to the user’s door within 24 hours.

Alma Health co-founder, Tariq Siksik, added: “We found that diabetes and hypertension were among the most prevalent chronic diseases in the UAE, so we recruited a team of licensed specialists with full readiness to address the healthcare needs of users from the comfort of their homes.

With our app, we at Alma Health aim to reduce the time users spend dealing with their cases as much as possible and not leave an opportunity for disease to control or complicate their lives.”

Along with a diverse team of licensed physicians, Alma Health is accredited by a number of reputable insurance companies in the region such as Thiqa, Daman, Nas Neuron, and Oman Insurance.

Since its inception in mid-2020, Alma Health has received funding from Humber Burx’s Oryx Fund, a global investment fund that supports early-stage companies with a particular focus on health technology companies.

Other notable investors include the Oman Technology Fund – Wadi, an Omani sovereign wealth fund, and Enix Investments in addition to strategic funded investors from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Alma Health seeks to revolutionize the healthcare sector in the region, and the significant increase in the number of users of its platform will contribute to its expansion in the markets of Saudi Arabia in the coming months, with the help of its investors.

The Alma Health application can be downloaded to book the first consultation on Google Play and Apple Store.

Services provided by Alma Health include:

For individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers

  • Virtual GP appointments
  • Virtual appointments with your favorite specialists
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Preparing medical prescriptions
  • Direct insurance billing and related support
  • Delivery of medicines within 24 hours
  • Medication reminder
  • Auto-renew prescriptions
  • Home visits for lab tests
  • Access to healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of chronic conditions
  • Updated global user profile
  • Insurance integration and approvals

About Alma Health

Alma Health is a digital health company whose mission is to make the lives of people with chronic conditions and those who care for them easier using the power of technology.

In an increasingly technology-intensive world, Alma Health has created the first digital healthcare delivery experience, from physician consultations to drug delivery to ongoing care.

At Alma Health, we know that time is your most valuable asset, so we provide you with a specialized team of doctors and pharmacists who are licensed to provide chronic care services through the Alma Health app.

Now you can forget about the hassle of renewing your prescription, obtaining necessary approvals from the insurance company, or even buying medicines, as it can be delivered directly to your door within 24 hours. We’ll also remind you when your prescription should be renewed. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the time you spend dealing with your condition as much as possible.

Alma Health currently provides its services in Abu Dhabi and is licensed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.

The company is also part of the insurance networks Thiqa, Oman Insurance, Daman, and Nas Neuron. Our platform will expand to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the near future.

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