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Vezeeta Digital Health Platform Launches a New B2B SaaS Solution for Healthcare Providers

Press Release – Cairo – Vezeeta, the leading digital healthcare platform in the Middle East and Africa, announced the launch of a new SaaS healthcare solution to empower healthcare providers in all countries in which the company operates with unparalleled technology.

The SaaS solution was launched with the support of TEAMFUND, a US-based venture capital firm that seeks to drive digital transformation and access to healthcare services in emerging markets.

Vezeeta’s new SaaS solution, titled “Vezeeta-in-a-Box”, empowers healthcare providers by enhancing their patients’ healthcare experiences electronically.

In this way, hospitals and clinics can now integrate their systems through Vezeeta’s SaaS solution, under their own brand, to facilitate and improve the healthcare experience for patients.

The new solution includes the possibility of instant online booking of in-clinic medical consultations or post-consultation follow-ups by phone, booking laboratory appointments, examinations, radiology and surgeries, as well as purchasing prescribed medicines and having them delivered to homes.

Since its launch in Saudi Arabia in April 2021, the “Vezeeta-in-a-Box” solution has been used in 3 large hospitals and 9 clinics.

This solution will be available in other major markets starting with Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

In this context, Mohammed El-Mougi, chief product officer at Vezeeta, said, “Veezeta’s commitment to empowerment goes beyond consumer boundaries to also include empowering healthcare organizations, by providing its patients with these distinctive services offered by Vezeeta, under their own brands.”

He added, “Vezeeta’s SaaS solution has revolutionized the doctor’s appointment booking system, digitalized it, and made a huge transformation in the pharmacy sector as well.

Currently, after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of digital transformation in the healthcare field has become urgent.

Vezeeta’s solution is to increase patient’s access to quality care, by enabling healthcare providers to serve patients with the latest advanced digital tools.”

For his part, Nana Frimpong, Corporate Vice President in Africa, responsible for overseeing corporate SaaS activities in all the countries in which the company operates, said, “The Vezeeta team has worked around the clock to develop and launch a corporate SaaS solution, which offers many advantages, especially For entities that aspire to reduce time to market for their products, and reduce costs and investments related to developing and maintaining technical capabilities.”

Vezeeta launched its healthcare SaaS solution for pharmacies for the first time in Egypt in February 2021, which has served over a million patients so far.

Yousuf Mazhar, the Managing partner of TEAMFUND, expressed his pride in partnering with Vezeeta, which has the vision and drive to transform markets, adding that Vezeeta applies environmental and social standards to the fullest, to ensure healthcare is provided to underserved communities in emerging markets.

Mazhar added that Vezeeta’s B2B solution has the credentials to create sustainable change within the digital healthcare sector around the world, in both developed and emerging markets, and change the way healthcare organizations interact with patients through innovative and easy-to-use digital solutions.

To date, Vezeeta has served more than 10 million patients in 55 cities, more than double its year-over-year growth.

About Vezeeta

About Vezeeta

Vezeeta is a leading international digital healthcare platform that serves patients and helps empower them at every step of their healthcare journey by harnessing the power of data and knowledge. Trusted by patients, healthcare providers, leading pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance providers, Vezeeta contributes to improving and facilitating access to healthcare services.

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