The Launch of Care Connect Digital Platform in Egyptian Public Healthcare Sector

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Health Authority in Egypt, Assistant to the Minister of Health and Population, and General Supervisor of the Universal Health Insurance program, announced the launch of the first digital platform “Care Connect” for communication among healthcare workers in the public sector, including all members of the medical professions, in cooperation with a medical service company.

This came during the the periodic monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Healthcare, No. 41, in the presence of Dr. Hany Rashid, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, Dr. Amir El-Telwany, Executive Director of the Authority, and members of the Authority’s Board of Directors.

El-Sobky explained that the platform is a mobile application under the name “Care Connect”, and it allows communication between all employees of the authority at various senior and leadership levels, supervisory, recurring, middle and others, and from various medical and administrative specialties and in various departments and facilities affiliated with the authority.

El-Sobky pointed out that the goal of the platform is to exchange experiences and ideas and effective communication between individuals working in the authority, especially members of the medical professions, and to provide many services to workers and help them acquire new skills, in addition to providing a space for coordination and discussion between workers in developing services, which contributes to the development of services.

Upgrading the services and healthcare provided to patients and reaching the highest levels of their satisfaction, as well as being a step from the authority’s steps towards the digital transformation of all work processes and its strategy in digitizing services as part of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

He added, that this platform represents a step to build bridges of communication between the higher departments of the authority and workers, as well as between workers and some of them, and is a new starting point for the General Authority for Healthcare, as the first institution to provide a platform for communication among workers, especially members of the medical professions, confirming the authority’s strategy to become a digital smart authority and paperless in a way that improves the work environment, facilitates the provision of services to customers, and ensures continuous improvement of work, within the framework of achieving comprehensive sustainable development for the authority in the light of Egypt’s 2030 vision.

El-Sobky continued: The “Care Connect” electronic application can be downloaded on mobile phones, both Android and iPhone, through electronic links that have been published and raised awareness through the authority’s workgroups, pointing out that the platform has already witnessed many positive interactions among employees and they put forward many suggestions and requirements to leverage the benefits of the platform during the trial period of the platform.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky stressed the authority’s keenness on fruitful cooperation with all success partners, including Al-Balto Medical Services Company, which was previously dealt with in providing remote medical consultations to beneficiaries of the new universal health insurance program, especially at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, thanking everyone who provides their support and cooperation with the authority in Providing an attractive work environment for citizens to ensure the provision of the best healthcare services for citizens.

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