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Health 2.0 Egypt Newsletter | June 3rd, 2021

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June 3rd, 2021

Dear Healthcare Innovator,

There is always more to learn and do with digital health. We continue to watch the tragedy in Palestine unfold and can’t help but wonder: How can digital health rise to the occasion? There are 58,000 refugees locked up in schools with a large need for mental health support, virtual visits, and drugs to be delivered. As companies rush to provide support, we are wondering how much of this support is reaching the people in need? How can we organize the services better to ensure the user gets the service they need?

If you have a good answer for this, reply to this email! 

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that two of Health 2.0 Egypt’s all-time supporters, Dr. Noha Khater – CEO of Almouneer, and Dr. Omar Shaker – Cofounder of Health 2.0 Egypt were selected to be part of the HIMSS Future 50 global community! Congratulations to both – we are excited to see how they can mobilize this community of global healthcare technology leaders to bridge the gaps in the Middle East.

In this edition below, you will find:

*Our Insights: We look at wellness trends in the MENA region. Is this the next big thing?

  • Opportunities: If you are a validated startup on our database, we have a free ticket for you to attend HIMSS Europe Virtual. $1250 in value! Update your 2021 profile here to get your ticket.
  • Featured Startup: Altibbi, one of the leaders of the industry has launched an App for mothers, offered its service to help Palestine, and continues to publish research in healthcare AI. See Omar Shaker’s interview with their Managing Partner Jalil below.
  • Chapter Leaders Debate: The three musketeers that bring you this newsletter continue debating health tech and speak about wellness in the Middle East. The debate gets very heated this time! 
  • Top Picks: Roche and Aster partner up, Athena health improved patient satisfaction with telehealth, and Egypt to require up to 120,000 new hospital beds by 2030.

Keep scrolling down to get all the good stuff! We want to keep bringing you better and more relevant content so we appreciate any donations to help us keep improving this service. 

This edition is proudly sponsored by:

Altibbi a healthcare company providing digital tools to improve healthcare for all.

A survey was done to ask people in the Middle East last Ramadan about their interests in health and fitness and here are the results:

🎯 55.3% Value their personal healthcare
🥙 56.9% Are interested in healthy food and drinks
🤸 52% Workout frequently
🤳 46% Expect the increased usage of fitness apps

What do you think this means? Will the digital wellness industry take off? We are eager to see!

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Join top global speakers on June 7th as they discuss the following 6 areas in the agenda here.

  1. Pandemic recovery and catching up on the backlog
  2. Data collaboration and trust to underpin integrated care
  3. Effective Digital Public Health to combat the ‘infodemic’
  4. Creating a digitally-enabled and informed workforce
  5. New frontiers for AI, data analytics, and precision health
  6. Health inequalities at the forefront of transformation

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We are excited to be featuring a long-standing partner and enabler for us. Altibbi is a digital healthcare company that is the largest online Arabic medical knowledge repository and has developed its App with a mission to provide quality healthcare for everyone.

In the video below, Omar Shaker interviews Jalil Allabadi, Founding Manager of Altibbi.

Here are some takeaways:

💰 Altibbi is closing its second big round of financing this year, with an undisclosed amount from Global Ventures, and now very close to wrapping up their Series B. 

🔬 They realized that large global clients that are interested in their technology, need to see published papers and so they started publishing their AI findings. A great lesson for everyone in the region. 

👩‍👦 They are on a mission to improve healthcare for all, and have launched Alitbbi Mama, to cater to the needs of mothers all across the Arab world. 

🇵🇸 They rush to provide their service to areas with the humanitarian crisis and Gaza was the most recent in a series of crises they have stepped up for along with other digital health companies.

Today’s Video

Chapter Leaders Omar Shaker, Yara Abo El Waffa and Omar Zaki go off script completely and challenge each other to try to answer a simple question: Which demographic needs wellness the most in the Middle East? 

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