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Egyptian General Authority for Healthcare discusses cooperation with Dedalus in Telemedicine and Virtual Hospitals

Ahmed Al-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Healthcare, Assistant to the Minister of Health and Population, and General Supervisor of the Universal Health Insurance Project, revealed that he is looking for ways to cooperate with Dedalus in the field of technology-enabled hospitals, virtual clinics, and telemedicine as published in several Egyptian newspapers

Al-Sobki pointed out that Dedalus is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of health technology and telemedicine, according to the Middle East News Agency.

El-Sobky added, during his meeting with the CEO of the Middle East and Africa region of the Italian company Dedalus, the new owner of DXC for information technology and digital transformation, which is the applied company to automate the new comprehensive health insurance system, in cooperation with Vodafone Egypt, and under the supervision of the Ministries of Military Production and Communications and Information Technology.

Establishing an integrated system for telemedicine in the medical complex in Ismailia, as well as Karnak International Hospital in Luxor, in the very near future, to become the nucleus of virtual hospitals and clinics for the authority, which will then be expanded in the various governorates of the application of the new universal health insurance program.

Al-Sobki continued: Virtual clinics and hospitals, and telemedicine, are the most advanced technologies in the world in the field of electronic health, stressing their great importance, especially at the present time after the Coronavirus pandemic, and the many changes it imposed on the systems of providing services and health care for patients, which prompted the world’s health and health system leaders to rely on telehealth solutions including virtual care, remote patient monitoring, data analytics, and medical record sharing capabilities for patient care, to provide a scientific, successful, and secure means of continually delivering high-quality health care to patients anytime and anywhere.

In addition, these technologies help to overcome some of the challenges facing the advancement of the health sector, such as solving the problems of lack of doctors and other technical problems.

Egyptian General Authority for Healthcarer discussing cooperation with Dedalus to provide telemedicine and virtual healthcare technologies

Al-Sobki continued, that the meeting also touched on following up the executive steps to automate the new comprehensive health insurance system and what has been achieved, in addition to reviewing the information infrastructure of the health facilities affiliated to the authority in various governorates of implementing the new system, in order to ensure the achievement of the authority’s vision and confirm its ability to continue providing an advanced model of care.

health services for citizens and the digitization of its health services, which improves the work environment for healthcare service providers and facilitates citizens’ access to health services in its various facilities.

It also ensures integrity, transparency and justice in the distribution of healthcare services in line with the objectives of Egypt’s Vision for Comprehensive Sustainable Development 2030.

Ahmed El-Sobky pointed out that these meetings are with companies specialized in health technology, artificial intelligence and digital transformation globally, with the aim of cooperation and partnership with them in completing the authority’s efforts to promote digital health practices and ensure the best health services of international quality for the Egyptian citizen, and in light of the implementation of the vision of the political leadership towards expansion in Cooperating with leading institutions and companies related to the fields of medical care and health technology, and of a distinguished international standing, and benefiting from their expertise in providing healthcare to citizens of the highest levels of quality and excellence.

El-Sobky also valued the continuous cooperation with Dedalus, as it is the executing company for the mechanization of the new comprehensive health insurance system in Egypt, in cooperation with the other aforementioned parties.

Egyptian General Authority for Healthcare during their meeting with Dedalus in Arab Health 2021

For his part, the Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa region of Dedalus Phil Humber praised the successful Egyptian experience in the field of comprehensive health coverage, and the role of the General Authority for Healthcare in providing services and integrated healthcare to citizens, and its ability to provide them with the highest standards of safety, and international quality, as well as its outstanding effort.

It continues its endeavor to enhance the uses of health technology and digital health practices in its health facilities in line with the latest health systems in the world, and ensures the provision of the best medical and therapeutic services to patients in accordance with the latest internationally approved guidelines, practices and treatment protocols.

It is noteworthy that the meeting was attended by the delegation accompanying the President of the Healthcare Authority during his participation in the events of the Arab Health Exhibition and 2021, which includes Ameer Al-Telwani, Executive Director of the Authority, Hisham Shendi, Director of the Central Administration for Information Systems and Digital Transformation, and Eng. Engineering projects, as well as representatives of the Italian company Dedalus.

The Arab Health Exhibition and Conference will be held – this year – at the Dubai World Trade Center, under the slogan “By doing we unite and push the industry forward”, from January 21 to 24, in the presence of a number of heads of health authorities in the Arab region and the Middle East, and the participation of many companies specialized in the fields of health technology, digital transformation of services and artificial intelligence, as well as exhibiting the latest technologies, innovations and developments in the field of health care and modern medical device products.

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