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Alameda Healthcare Group Invests EGP 5 Billion in Egypt Over 5 Years

Alameda Healthcare Group – the specialized group in the healthcare sector in Egypt – announced its expansion plan for 2021, which includes increasing the capacity of the group’s hospitals to enhance their capabilities and expand their geographical presence, as part of Alameda’s strategy to provide high-quality medical and treatment services that match international standards. To provide the best levels of medical care to patients.

Dr. Fahd Khater, Chairman and owner of Alameda Healthcare Group, revealed during a press conference details of the group’s new expansion plan, which includes increasing the capacity of a number of hospitals, including the addition of 100 beds at Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi, and the opening of Al Salam International Hospital in New Cairo with a capacity of 150 Beds, thus increasing the capacity of Alameda Hospitals Group to more than 1,000 beds, and more than 128 outpatient clinics in addition to, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, and a rehabilitation center.

During the past ten years, the group has injected investments estimated at more than 5 billion pounds to develop its current medical facilities, which are 4, Al Salam International Hospitals in Maadi and New Cairo City, and Dar Al Fouad in Sixth of October City and Nasr City, in addition to the Centers of Excellence, which are centers for providing integrated medical services. In a number of specialties, and the “Tabibi” platform, which specializes in providing health and home care services.

Alameda Healthcare Group always seeks to explore new expansion opportunities in Cairo and all governorates of Egypt in general and has succeeded in signing partnership agreements that will result in investments worth EGP 5 billion.

According to this, new facilities will be launched under our Alameda brand in the New Administrative Capital, El Alamein City, Alexandria, Assiut, and Mansoura, with the aim of contributing to economic growth and providing more than 5,000 job opportunities.

The group is also working on launching a nursing academy with the aim of enhancing our capacity, as well as ensuring that patients receive the best level of healthcare.

The expansion plan also includes expanding the establishment of “centers of excellence” in all its facilities. The “Centers of Excellence” provide integrated medical services to patients and include the latest advanced technologies and cover 7 main specialties, which are cardiac sciences, neurosciences, and oncology sciences. Orthopedics and spine sciences, kidney sciences and kidney transplantation, gastroenterology, hepatology, liver transplantation, and respiratory diseases.

In this context, Dr. Fahad Khater, Chairman and Owner of Alameda Healthcare Group, said that we spare no effort to provide innovative and modern healthcare services in line with international standards.

He added that the expansion strategy adopted by the group aims mainly to increase growth rates, which contributes to strengthening our capabilities and achieving the vision on which the group was built, which is to provide distinguished healthcare services to Egyptians.

For his part, Neeraj Mishra, CEO of Alameda Healthcare Group, said that we seek to provide the best levels of medical care to patients in all of our affiliated facilities and ensure that they reach the various groups of the Egyptian people.

Mishra added that digital transformation and technology are a major priority for the group, which is reflected in the continuous development of our facilities and the use of the latest in medical equipment technology to provide the best levels of medical care to patients.

It is noteworthy that the Alameda Healthcare Group has, during the last period, invested huge investments in purchasing the latest therapeutic devices from major international companies to provide the best patient care in its hospitals, the latest of which is the purchase of the latest generation of PET-CT from Siemens, in addition to the establishment of a fully advanced chemotherapy unit. In Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Nasr City.

By the end of the year, the group intends to install the True Beam Linear Accelerator from Varian Company at Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi, which is the latest medical device specialized in providing radiotherapy for tumors across different parts of the body, with a total investment of up to EGP 60 million, in addition to bilateral cardiac catheterization laboratories. A level and the most advanced neurosurgical microscope in neurosurgery.

The Alameda Healthcare Group is making extensive efforts to contribute to social development through the Khater Foundation for Community Development, which has spent nearly EGP 200 million; To implement a set of initiatives aimed at building and improving the lives of the neediest communities in Egypt.

The efforts of the Khater Foundation for Community Development include providing support to Qasr Al-Aini Hospital by donating a CT scanner machine, a lithotripsy machine, and a cardiac catheterization machine.

In addition to providing support by providing Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital with the necessary tools for the Urology Department, and providing nursing staff to the Internal Medicine Department.

In addition, the Khater Foundation provided Abul-Rish Children’s Hospital with a kidney transplant unit and a dialysis unit, in addition to providing it with nursing staff, in addition to installing the Varian Linear Accelerator radiotherapy device at the National Cancer Institute and the Elekta Linear Accelerator device at Cairo University.

As part of its commitment to alleviating the needs of the neediest communities in Egypt, the Khater Foundation supports many non-profit organizations representing civil society, including NGOs and foundations to build effective and long-term partnerships and enhance their capacities.

As for the community initiatives of the Alameda Healthcare Group, the group supported the citizens of Sharqia Governorate by meeting the needs of their homes from cement roofs, providing them with medical convoys and telephone medical consultation services, in addition to food supplies. During the holy month of Ramadan, the Khater Foundation supports more than 18,000 people each year.

With a career spanning more than three decades in the medical services sector, as well as a dedicated approach to providing the highest levels of medical care to patients, the Alameda Group is well-positioned to take advantage of the new growth opportunities that pulse the market by providing comprehensive medical care of world standards to the Egyptians through its affiliated facilities.

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