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Altibbi Has Launched Connect + to Connect Patients with Doctors Through Altibbi Clinic

Iyada clinic platform and app fully digitally manage the doctor’s office

Altibbi, A digital health platform specialized in providing remote medical consultations and patient education has launched a new feature “Connect +”, an interactive electronic service that provides direct correspondence and communication between the patient and the doctor’s clinic, through its platform and its electronic application (Altibbi Clinic).

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By developing modern digital therapeutic solutions, the company aims to facilitate communication between patients and doctors in the Arab world.

This step came in response to the needs of society in light of the spread of Covid-19, as the feature provides the patient with the ability to obtain medical advice and complete all treatment-related communication between doctors and their patients in an easy and completely private way.

Also, using the “Connect +” feature, the patient will be able to send all reports, test results, x-ray images, and required documents to the doctor, and the doctor can also send the prescriptions, and all of this is saved automatically in the patient’s records, without the need to go to the clinic and be exposed to the risk of infection with the virus.

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Altibbi Clinic platform fully manages the doctor’s clinic digitally. Starting from creating patient records and providing the electronic messaging feature, to conducting statistical analyses and documenting the history of disease cases, which helps the doctor to organize his work accurately, and to provide the highest levels of service when diagnosing patients and communicating with them remotely.

In addition, the platform and the application have activated the online payment feature to facilitate remote visitation and eliminate waiting queues.

On this occasion, Mr. Jalil Al-Labadi, founder and CEO of Al-Tibbi Company, said, “The spread of the novel Coronavirus has strongly contributed to the rapid growth of digital technology, especially in the field of health.

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These technologies are in order to meet the needs of patients and doctors at all times – specifically during the epidemic period – by allowing them to communicate remotely.

He also added: “The role of the (Altibbi) platform is based on monitoring the health status of patients and working to improve their health through a comprehensive and unified platform and with the help of qualified and certified doctors.

Our online platform provided an opportunity for nearly 20 million users to directly communicate with more than 125,000 doctors and provided more than 900,000 medical information.

Building on these successes, we have decided to expand the company’s services portfolio by providing digital management solutions to doctors’ clinics (Altibbi Clinic) with its innovative “Connect +” feature.

In his turn, Mr. Samuel Rizk, Head of Development Department at Al-Tibbi Company, commented, “Based on the unrivaled turnout on the (Altoba) platform during the first quarter of 2021, when we broke the 3 million telehealth consultations, we have rushed to develop the (Altibbi Clinic) service.

Altibbi Clinic, is Designed to manage clinics and configure them in a modern and sophisticated way. The technical work team of (Al-Tibbi Clinic) took care in developing the “Connect +” feature to meet doctors’ requirements for remote communication with patients and to follow up cases in line with their daily schedules.

Rizk went on to say: “Even more than that, the (AlTibbi Clinic) platform and application take over the management of the doctor’s clinic completely digitally.

Altibbi clinic provides doctors remote communication tools with their patients and following up on their disease changes and results with the required dates, which helps the doctor to organize his work accurately and provide the highest levels of service when diagnosing patients, in addition to activating the online payment feature to eliminate waiting queues.

We are also honored to announce a new cooperation with Qasr al-Aini Hospital to raise the efficiency of the service provided by using the (Altibbi Clinic) program in this ancient edifice, which makes us proud of what we have provided in the Altibbi clinic so far in this short time. ”

It is worth noting that the speed and ease of use of the developed medical clinic makes it feasible for service recipients in the first place.

Since the (Altibbi clinic) provides means of electronic communication with the doctor for urgent medical consultations; Whether through calls, text messages, or video chats (video chats), its use becomes a practical and accomplished solution in emergency situations or even minor and recurring medical cases.

Thus, patients are spared the trouble of sitting for long periods in the waiting rooms of clinics, health centers and hospitals, as well as avoiding complicated registration procedures such as booking and filling out forms, submitting medical documents and waiting for the turn in the examination and so on.

It should also be noted that the Altibbi platform is witnessing a steady expansion and a rapid spread in Arab countries, as more doctors join the medical clinic network day by day and use the application to manage their clinics.

Also this month Altibbi launched maternity and reproductive health app (Altibbi Mama)

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