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(Note: The names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Mark and Sarah had always dreamed of having a family. They had met in college, fell in love, and started their life together with big plans for the future. But after years of trying, despite their best efforts, they were not able to conceive a child.

They went through years of tests and treatments, saw numerous doctors, and tried everything they could to have a child, but nothing seemed to work. The couple was devastated, and they were starting to lose hope.

Sarah’s body simply could not carry a baby to term. Mark was heartbroken, feeling like a failure as a husband and would-be father. They both felt like they were missing out on the most important thing in life: having a child of their own.

One day, after a particularly emotional doctor’s appointment, the couple left the fertility clinic feeling defeated. They decided to have a night out and headed to a new restaurant they hadn’t yet tried. As they walked through the parking lot of the restaurant, they noticed a sign advertising surrogacy services.

It was something they had never considered before, but the thought of having a biological child through surrogacy seemed now their last hope.

They did some research and learned about the surrogacy process, its legal aspects, and the costs involved. They discussed it at great length and read all they could on Google for a couple months, before ultimately deciding to get more information from a reputable surrogacy agency. They called us at Los Angeles Surrogacy, and over the course of several in-person meetings we explained the process, their rights as intended parents, the right of the surrogate mother of choice, the right of the future newborn.

We also went through the criteria which they felt were right for the surrogate mother, including aspects such as genetics, income situation, education level, past and current profession, hobbies, etc. Then we started the qualification process.

It wasn’t easy, but we accompanied them all the way. They underwent various medical tests and screenings to ensure that they were suitable candidates. Not all intended parents are good candidates, but Sarah and Mark were.

When we knew that they would make wonderful intended parents, we started the search for a surrogate mother. We had multiple potentially suitable candidates on file.

After several interviews, they decided on a wonderful woman named Emily. Em was a mother of two, and had experienced being a surrogate mother once. She and the couple clicked instantly and so we continued the process from there.

The surrogacy journey was a rollercoaster of emotions, but it was also filled with hope and joy. Mark and Sarah were involved in every step of the process. They felt like they were finally taking control of their destiny.

Emily is an amazing surrogate mother. She took care of herself and the baby with utmost care and attention. The couple was in constant touch with her throughout the pregnancy, and they even attended some of her appointments. Los Angeles Surrogacy was of course guiding the process, and also part of every step.

As the due date approached, Mark and Sarah couldn’t contain their excitement. They had prepared everything for their soon-to-be-born baby, decorating his future room (they knew he would be a boy), improving the safety of their home, even buying a car seat. They couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms.

The day finally came, and they rushed to the hospital to be with Em during delivery. They were by her side during delivery, holding her hand and cheering her on. The birth went smoothly, and all cried tears of joy as they held their beautiful baby boy for the first time.

They spent the next day at the clinic with Emily and their new son, bonding and learning how to care for the newborn. Pure happiness and bliss.

Sarah and Mark have has adjusted to their new life, and they couldn’t be happier. They are watching their son grow and develop, marveling at every milestone. He is now a toddling 1-year old, in perfect health with a very strong appetite.

Surrogacy has given them the gift of a lifetime, and they told us they would always be grateful for how we took care of them and Emily.  They have stayed in touch with Em, whose two children are also growing up in good health.

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