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Things You Need To Start a Rural Health Clinic

One scarce area of a rural community is adequate health care. Residents may not have the means to travel to and from doctor appointments due to a lack of transportation, health insurance, and being hours away from the closest doctor’s office. If you’re a concerned, recently graduated medical doctor, you may be looking to make a change in your community. You can do so by opening a rural health clinic; here are the things you need to start one.

Get Your Business Established

Besides carrying a medical license, a medical professional needs the correct documentation to make their business official. You’ll need to define your type of business, such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership. After that, come up with a name for the clinic, but make it something easy to remember.

Then, you’ll need to sort out tax information for federal and state so you aren’t fined by the IRS. You can apply for a tax number on the IRS website. One final step is to get insurance and permits to run your business in town.

Find the Right Staff Members

You can often find the right employees in your community. When guests first show up for appointments, you’ll want them to be greeted by a friendly staff member with a patient demeanor—this would be your receptionist. Every patient usually gets their first impression from how courteous the front desk employees are before checking them in.

To run services like x-rays, MRIs, and lab work, you need qualified employees. The best way to hire experienced workers is by sending out recruiters to look for the best talent in the area. A recruiter will find all the best employees that meet every requirement in your job description.

Look for Funding

The other thing you need is funding. Funding isn’t going to be available right away. Fortunately, banks can loan money to new businesses to help cover start-up costs. But you don’t need to go through banks to get the funding; you can also search for investors.

An investor can be anyone from a family member to your favorite college professor. You have various circuits to raise funds for investing in equipment, paying employees, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for every patient.

Start Deciding What Services To Offer

In a rural setting, you’re likely not going to find a nutritionist or dietitian since these services are commonly found in more populated areas. If you want to zero in on the rural community’s needs, go to the community and get to know future patients and their ailments.

You could be a general practitioner offering specialty services that aren’t feasible to get to, like rheumatology and endocrinology. As you establish yourself as a rural doctor, consider telehealth visits. One of the benefits of using telehealth services in rural communities is that patients can visit doctors in the comfort of their homes via webcam. This saves them time and money on traveling long distances. Give the rural community you serve better access to health care by using these tips to establish your own medical clinic.

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