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What Are the Different Types of Blogs?

Before start a blog, there are multiple types of blogs, first determine what theme you want to create on your blog. Make sure the content that you fill in the blog is related to the blog’s theme and not off topic. Do not mix blog content with content that is different from the blog theme. Should be consistent with the theme in filling your content.

If the theme of your blog is about automotive, choose content related to automotive topics, for example, reviews of the latest cars and motorcycles, educational content about chemicals for making car products, tips and tricks on how to care for vehicles, and anything related to the topic. Avoid leaving the automotive topic, if the theme of the blog is automotive.

Let’s dive deeper in the different types of blogs.

What Are the Different Types of Blogs?

Personal Blog

Personal blogs are usually used only as a channel for someone’s hobbies. An example of a personal blog is a blog that contains content about the blog owner’s own life experiences, reviews of his favorite movies, his works, the blog owner’s traveling experiences, and other personal matters.

Sometimes some influencers also use personal blogs as a medium for sharing with their fans.

Niche Blogs

A niche market is a marketing target that defines a more specific buyer based on their own unique needs, preferences, or identity, which sets them apart from the general market. For example, choosing a niche market in a women’s clothing market.

The women’s clothing market can be further categorized into more specific ones, such as large-sized women’s clothing, special women’s clothing for work, small women’s clothing, special women’s clothing for pregnant women, collared women’s clothes, pink women’s clothes, and so on. Just like the women’s clothing niche above, so does the niche blog.

You can be more specific to determine what theme is suitable for the content on your blog. The way to determine a blog niche is to look at the target audience you want to reach.

For example, if you want to build a cosmetics product blog, dig deeper into the specifications of a cosmetic product.

You can make a review article about vegan makeup for an animal cruelty-free campaign.

You can go to google search to find keywords that are more specific than the keywords vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

Professional Blog

When you enter the world of work, you definitely need a portfolio as a tangible form of your work. Blogs can also be used as a medium to build a professional portfolio. You can include works such as photo shoots, articles, and others related to the profession you are in. If you are a photographer, add the best works into your portfolio as your personal branding.

Company Blog

Company blogs are used to sell a company’s personal branding, build a trusted and professional impression, introduce the services/products they want to offer, customer service media, company origins, company contacts and addresses, and articles to build awareness of visitors. As a brainstorm in building a blog for a company to make it look more professional, creative, and eye-catching, you can visit well-known company blogs. Watch how they structure and design their blog to get audience engagement.

In addition, the advantages of bloggers also open up opportunities for you to be offered a new job. You can work with well-known companies or brands. Blogs can be your portfolio when applying for a job as a content writer. This will add new experiences later and increase your ability to manage blogs more reliably.

In addition to being a portfolio, your blog content can be a form of collaboration that brings new jobs. This collaboration can be with well-known bloggers or with well-known brands.

Generally, many brands are targeting cool bloggers to collaborate with which will later take the form of content placements, reviews, and others. For sure, this will bring money for you.

It turns out that being a blogger is not only a means of channeling hobbies but can be a source of income.

In addition, being a blogger will make it easier for you to find readers for your writing. The point is to optimize keywords in search engines so that the articles on your blog will appear in the top search engines.

If your writing doesn’t appear in the top search engines, you don’t have to worry. Because the point of being a blogger is not about how to reach the top ranking in search engines, but how the blog makes an impact on other people.

Finding ideas can be said to be difficult, especially content ideas that can bring visitors. You can also look for ideas by checking social media, watching YouTube, browsing other people’s blogs, blogwalking, and many other ways you can do to find inspiration for blog content.

After discussing the different types of blogs, the last thing when deciding to become a successful blogger is to be consistent in creating content. Being a blogger can’t be famous right away, but by consistently practicing and creating content, you will feel the fruits of your consistent efforts.

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