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How to Choose the Best Manager for Your Business?

In this article, we will talk about how to choose the best manager for your business, especially in the post-pandemic era.

When looking for a department manager in your organization and you are doing human resources executive search, do you usually look for an expert or a skilled administrator to promote to this position?

There is no doubt, of course, that if you find someone with both capabilities, it is a great opportunity, but we all know that this may not be available in many cases, so you need to choose between an expert in his specialization but needs to learn management or someone who is good at management But he needs to learn technical and specialized expertise in this subject.

And this can affect the lifetime of the manager you are hiring or about to promote to this position in your organization.

“Apple” adopts an approach applied by Steve Jobs called “experts who manage experts.” Jobs declared that the best managers are experts who do not want to manage. He said: “The best managers are the best people in their fields, who have not talked to themselves about progressing to anything.” Job Post”

Apple provides factual evidence that adopting the culture of expert leaders, headed by Jobs himself, creates a creative climate in organizations.

And by moving from “Apple” to “Microsoft” to answer this question, the answer of the CEO of “Microsoft” Satya Nadella was stated that “leaders must move from the mentality of knowing everything to the mentality of learning everything,” and with this statement it shows that the characteristics of successful leaders It is based on continuous learning, not claiming to know everything.

Nadella’s statement was included in an article that actually suggests the most important characteristics of leaders, which is “6 Strategies for Leaders in Times of Uncertainty.”

Learning management comes for those who have experience as an important stage to transform their experience into the business and move their organizations to high levels of competition, but at first, they must either be technical experts as suggested by some experiences such as “Apple” and “Microsoft” or that leaders engage in developing themselves to understand the business of their departments and institutions as if they were experts.

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In an article published by three experts at global consulting firm PwC, the executives say, “Leaders in the past could have delegated the CIO or CEO of digital transformation to tackle the company’s technological challenges, but that approach no longer works.

Every leader must understand the impact of technology on the company and how to achieve this impact because technology has become an essential element in almost everything the company does, such as innovation, product management, operations, sales, customer service, finance, or other areas.”

You will notice from this year following the great digital transformation in the year of “Covid-19”, that the leader or manager who supervises, directs, and gives instructions without being involved and understanding the work in its details and essence will soon be an expired manager.

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According to the American economist Gary Hamel, companies that want to achieve high efficiency must turn their employees into experts and turn them into managers themselves.

He literally said: “Let’s start firing all managers” in order to achieve efficiency in organizations, considering that their role is formal.

While Dimo Dimov, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, and Joseph Pistrui, Professor of Entrepreneurship Project Management at IE Business School, disagree with him, and they believe in an article they published in the Harvard Business Review entitled “The Role of a Manager Has to Change in 5 Key Ways“., that the manager’s role does not need to be eliminated but rather to be developed.

At the time the manager stops constantly learning and developing himself, his power is expired.

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