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5 Unique Jobs in Biotechnology

What do you think about when looking for a career? Many consider working in the sciences as a must. With entertaining careers such as forensic science or aerospace engineering being popular choices.

Another science-based career is working in biotechnology. This covers a wide range of different careers. There is a deep and wide range of different jobs available for anyone who wishes to pursue this career.

Read our guide to learn about unique jobs in biotechnology and how you can get involved.

1. Animal Research Associate

Animal research associates are a type of unique job that oversees animal research. They must be able to conduct a variety of tasks, such as:

  • designing studies
  • monitoring animals
  • collecting data

They must also be able to dispose of animal tissues according to waste regulations. Attention to detail is key in this role. They must be able to maintain a safe work environment while conducting studies. 

2. Assay Analyst

Assay analysts are one of the most essential positions in biotechnology. Assay Analysts must have a deep understanding of the principles in the field of biochemist and molecular biology.

They should have a good working knowledge of regulatory guidelines used in the laboratory. This job is perfect for those who have an aptitude for molecular sciences or who have a strong interest in biochemistry. 

3. Clinical Research Manager

The Clinical Research Manager handles overseeing clinical trials for drugs or medical devices. They plan, put in place, and check studies for their effectiveness and safety. They also manage to budget and coordinate with other departments, including working with a biomedical engineer. They also provide guidance to clinical trial participants.

They help ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments. They work in both the lab and administrative aspects of biotechnology. Making clinical research manager a unique job in the field.

4. Epidemiologist

An epidemiologist is someone who specializes in studying and monitoring diseases. They use their skills and knowledge to track changes in the spread of disease. They interpret the data to discover the cause and determine the best course of action.

Public health organizations are better equipped to develop measures and treatments for illnesses. Epidemiologists play a vital role in helping us to understand and combat deadly conditions.

5. Facilities Manager

Facilities managers oversee operations related to the maintenance of buildings and equipment. They also manage the day-to-day operations of the facility. They are responsible for overseeing the contractor selection process and negotiating contracts. They also ensure safety and security and manage planning and budgeting.

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They must be comfortable with computers. They are often responsible for scheduling maintenance, managing repairs, and managing any energy and water conservation efforts. They may also be responsible for supervising a clerical staff and solving tenant and customer service issues.

Start Your Career With These Jobs in Biotechnology

Biotechnology offers a multitude of unique opportunities for people of any science background. There are plenty of jobs in biotechnology for those who want to use their knowledge in a practical and exciting way.

It offers unique and exciting paths for science professionals. Explore the many options for career paths and learning opportunities in biotechnology.

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