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What Types of Incentives Work Best for Employees?

This article discusses the types of incentives that work best for employees in your company.

Incentives are one of the most important means that successful entrepreneurs and business owners resort to increasing employee productivity and efficiency, and providing monetary incentives to your employees not only encourages them to perform their work but also to stay longer at work instead of looking elsewhere.

Regardless of the type of industry, maintaining morale is very important to ensure that your employees are motivated to work hard for the company; Therefore, companies began to adopt cash incentive plans because they motivate workers and employees to innovate, innovate, and achieve set goals, which contributes to the success of the company.

According to experts at the French company Sodexo, the best kind of incentives make workers and employees feel valued and cared for.

The importance of Monetary Incentives

In terms of productivity, many global studies have proven that giving workers incentives before paying compensation motivates them to work better, in addition to that, when employees get paid before the scheduled date that is common in the labor market, there will be a 7.6% increase in their productivity, compared to those who do not get paid On time.

So if you want to raise the morale of workers and employees and increase participation, you need incentive programs.

In fact, organizations and institutions all over the world understand the importance of incentives; The incentives industry is now valued at more than $100 billion; Of which $46 billion is attributed to non-cash incentives, and in this context, a recent study conducted at Cornell University in the United States indicates that employees who are rewarded frequently are more motivated to complete associated tasks, and organizations that use employee incentive programs experience a success rate of 79% in Achieve their set goals when offering the reward.

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Types of Incentives that Work Best for Employees

It can be said that all the measures taken by the management to improve the performance of its employees are incentives, and incentives can be classified into monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives.

Cash Incentives

Most companies and organizations in the world implement this type of incentive; Being the most impactful and encouraging employees to be more productive, cash incentives always involve a variety of payments to employees based on their job performance, including commissions and bonuses. A commission is a lump sum paid to employees when they complete a task, which is usually the sale of a certain amount of Goods or services, and employers may choose to have a commission-only payment system for employees.

Cash bonuses are lump sums of money given to employees occasionally or periodically for good performance. You can also choose to give bonuses to employees to join or stay with your company. Bonuses are not usually associated with sales.

Appreciation Incentives

Recognition incentives are one of the most important types of incentives that increase employee productivity and efficiency. This type of incentive can include company parties, birthday celebrations, the opportunity to come home early, extra vacation, as well as awards and more, all of which are ways to encourage workers and employees to Creativity, innovation and longer stay in the company.

Recognition Incentives

Sending a nice email to your employees is a good thing, but taking the time to create a handwritten note shows more interest, and a personal note can carry important meaning to employees and is often more impactful than a monetary reward.

Additionally, if you already have regular work-related meetings take the opportunity to bring the whole team together and thank them, or if you want to turn this into an extra special event make time for a thank you meeting; This is where you highlight the good work done by your team.

Compensation Incentives

Compensation incentives almost always tend to cover some of the basic incentive options, from performance bonuses, profit-sharing schemes, and stock options, and another way to use this type of bonus is to link it to career advancement.

Career Development Incentives

As an entrepreneur with a business, you can give your team the opportunity to learn more skills and further develop their career; Therefore, you should provide an incentive to develop employees, such as: launching training courses, mentoring opportunities, granting a skills development certificate, and others.


In conclusion, the most effective incentive for employees is a combo of material and experiential. Employees want to know that they are valued on an individual level, but they also want to see the company grow and succeed. A combination of these two approaches will yield the best result.

Combining material and experiential incentives will yield the best result for employees. They want to be valued on an individual level while also seeing the company grow and succeed.

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