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Video Ideas for Medical Marketing Professionals

Medical marketing professionals shouldn’t remiss potential video ideas for patient care. Here are ideas you’ll want to utilize for future medical videos.

All doctors need good content readily available for their patients, but those resources may not be available at the moment. With the help of video marketing, you can condense information for patients to absorb quickly. Since you’re part of a team of medical marketing professionals, you should have a list of video ideas to use.

FAQs With Doctors

An FAQ with a doctor, whether general care or specialty care, can help consumers answer their most common questions. It’s best to get a question answered in under two to three minutes instead of being spoon-fed information that’s not useful to the patient.

Write out questions for every doctor to answer, especially ones regarding treatment. If a specific treatment calls for a more in-depth interview, encourage viewers at the end of each video to check out more detailed videos on your website.

An “About Me” With Physicians

Not only do FAQ sessions with doctors build trust, but so does “About Me” and “About Us” content. Aside from learning about each doctor’s procedures and specialty areas, patients develop closer relationships with doctors when they explain their background and how long they’ve been practicing medicine.

Patients look for a welcoming atmosphere and communicable doctors; they want to know who you, your medical staff, and what medical services you offer. So get creative with the content, but keep it short and sweet. These “About Me” videos engage patients in positive ways.

In-Depth Education Videos

This section pertains to the FAQS. The FAQ sessions often leave patients wondering about two areas: their condition and treatment options. Both sections can have videos that span different sections of treatments your medical center offers and what conditions doctors treat.


In the case of condition education videos, it’s best to create videos yourself instead of relying on video libraries filled with stock footage of actors.

Condition videos are an interactive experience where patients learn more about their medical diagnosis. Don’t rely on medical websites for insight; take the time to interview doctors to get their knowledge.


The treatment videos are another subsection to include that explores various treatments. However, before you discuss procedures, ensure that you stick to one condition at a time, as too many could confuse your viewer. For example, a video on breast cancer treatments should only pertain to breast cancer.

It’s essential to have a list of video ideas to use. For medical marketing professionals, it’s never too late to find new ways to deliver critical information to patients and their caretakers. Think about how you’d like to present medical topics and procedures as you learn more about the positive attributes of video marketing.

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