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Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Business Meetings

Business meetings usually steal most of our time!!

There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual meetings, committee meetings, project meetings, department meetings, meetings with the line manager, and the series is almost endless.

But the returns from these meetings are usually less than expected, in addition to the fact that the time spent in these meetings has already affected other duties as it was better to use this time to accomplish them.

So, we need to have the skill of meeting management being one of the most important skills we need to have effective meetings that achieve the desired goals instead of holding boring and time-wasting meetings.

Today we are going to discuss the top 5 tips for meeting management effectively, in order to have effective meetings, we must focus on the following points:

1. Don’t Hesitate to Reject or Cancel a Meeting

Decision making in business meetings

Before you schedule a meeting, decide whether or not this meeting should take place.

This is because often the same information or the same purpose of the meeting can be communicated using other channels such as email or via a phone call.

If there is another method that works for the same purpose. Immediately cancel the idea of ​​holding the meeting.

2. Prepare a Professional Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

One of the most important fruits of this preparation is the presence of an agenda that clarifies the purpose and duration of the meeting, and the goals that we hope to achieve by holding this meeting.

There may be a meeting agenda but it is not distributed before the meeting and it is one of the biggest mistakes, which results in having people within the meeting who don’t know what their exact role is.

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3. Having a Clear and Specific Objectives for the Meeting

Business Meeting Objectives

A successful meeting needs to be prepared before the meeting.

One of the keys to successful meeting management is setting clear objectives of the meeting before holding it.

You should specify the results and outputs that this meeting should come with, and this should be delivered to all meeting attendees to prepare themselves for the required objectives.

 4. Set a specific Time for Each Topic

specific time for each topic in business meeting

The agenda must clarify a specific time for each topic, and you must adhere to the specified time, and not to over discuss this topic, you should end the discussion on any topic with the end of the time specified for it.

Also, the number of topics for discussion must be proportional to the time specified.

How many meetings end without finalizing all the points mentioned in the meeting schedule?

So, the estimation of time should reasonably be in line with the number of topics to be discussed.

It is also important to start and end the meeting on time, and not wait a minute.

You also do not repeat what was discussed when someone attended after the start of the meeting because by doing so, you have punished those who attended at the time of the meeting.

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 5. Summarize and Record the Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes after each business meeting

There is no doubt that you may implement all the previous points, but you may leave something very important, which is summarizing what has been discussed and clarifying what is the thing or role required of each person specifically and during any period of time.

Also, the meeting minutes must be sent to all attendees within no more than 24 hours after the meeting.


With the accelerating pace of life and the rush of our daily business schedule, we should manage our time effectively.

A lot of us are suffering from having a lot of meeting with less productivity because of wasting time for many reasons, but most of time it can be for disorganized meetings and lack of clear objectives for these meetings.

If we apply the discussed 5 tips, we set the priority of meetings, choosing the right time, and making our decisions whether to attend this meeting or not.

Everyone should stay focused and be driven by the required outputs and KPIs, running effective meetings by using these meeting management tips would help a lot in being efficient and productive all time.

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Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with HBC in the comments and let us know what is working with you to manage your meetings in an efficient way.

Thanks for your time!

Islam Ameen
Islam Ameenhttp://www.healthcarebusinessclub.com/
Islam Ameen is the founder of HBC and one of the main contributors in the community, he is a healthcare business professional working for 13 years in multiple sectors in the healthcare industry including pharmaceutical, medical imaging, laboratories, healthcare IT. working in multiple roles including sales, marketing, business development, business strategy, regulatory management.

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