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What Are The Top Software Review websites in 2023?

Are you looking for software review websites to help you make an informed decision? It can be overwhelming trying to navigate the sea of software reviews out there.

The growing popularity of software reviews has been on the rise since the early 2000s, as more and more people have become increasingly reliant on technology for their daily lives. With the boom of mobile applications, software reviews have become essential in helping users decide which programs to download.

Software review websites are becoming an invaluable resource for those who want unbiased information about a product before making a purchase decision.

Whether you’re a business looking to choose the right software for your needs, or an individual searching for the perfect program to meet your requirements, using these services can be extremely beneficial.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which website offers the most accurate reviews and advice.

These websites not only provide ratings from expert reviewers but also allow customers to write their own reviews and testimonials.

This type of user feedback can give potential buyers a better understanding of how well a product performs in real-world scenarios.

To help, we’ve rounded up the top software review websites so that you can make a well-informed decision.



Capterra has become one of the top software review websites in the industry. It is a free-to-use resource for researching business software and offers 800+ product categories and over 1.5 million reviews.

It also offers account management and detailed comparison pages to help businesses find the right software for their needs.

Capterra has become known for its comprehensive list of the best business software, along with its software reviews, ratings, and infographics.

These features make it a great resource for businesses looking for the best available software for their organization.

G2 Crowd

G2 crowd

G2 Crowd is one of the top software review websites available, trusted by millions of users. They provide comprehensive coverage of CRM, ERP, HR, CAD, PDM and marketing software solutions, as well as professional services.

G2 offers over 160,000 reviews and ratings on the newest software products and services, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any business.

With a peer-to-peer review platform, G2 Crowd leverages more than 170,000 user reviews to help businesses make informed decisions about the software they choose.

G2 is a household name and an invaluable resource for finding the best software for any business.



GetApp is one of the leading software review websites in the world. It offers in-depth reviews and ratings for thousands of software products to help businesses make informed decisions about the software they choose.

GetApp also provides comparison shopping platform and data-driven recommendations to help organizations find the right software solution.

Additionally, GetApp has a claim or listing feature which allows organizations to list their business and manage their reviews. W

ith GetApp, businesses can easily find the right solution for their needs and get accurate insights into the best software options available.

Software Advice

SoftwareAdvice is one of the most successful and reliable sources for software reviews and comparisons.

In 2023, it continues to be a top destination for customers looking to purchase new software or upgrade existing systems.

With an ever-growing selection of products across many categories including small business, enterprise, finance, education and more, SoftwareAdvice delivers impartial reviews from industry experts as well as real customer feedback.

The website offers comprehensive comparison tools that allow users to compare different software packages based on their needs and budget.

Additionally, the personalized search engine provides tailored recommendations for each individual user that are based on industry research and verified customer feedback.

This ensures that customers find the right solution within their price range without spending unnecessary time sifting through hundreds of options.


TrustRadius is one of the leading business technology product review sites, offering comparisons based on ratings, product reviews, and verified user reviews.

It is a buyer intent software that helps businesses track software reviews from verified users and provides them with the best software for their needs.

It features over 700,000 verified user reviews and ratings from software users. Moreover, it works with thousands of software vendors to understand their products and match companies with the right software for their needs.

With its in-depth reviews from verified users, TrustRadius is an excellent source for software advice and reviews.

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PC Mag

PCMag is one of the top-rated software review websites in 2023. With over 35 years of experience reviewing a wide array of products, PCMag has become a trusted leader in helping consumers make informed decisions about their technology purchases.

From antivirus programs to office suites, PCMag tests and evaluates each product before giving it its stamp of approval.

All of its reviews are written by knowledgeable experts who have extensive knowledge about a variety of platforms and technologies, making sure that readers get accurate information on each product they read about.


SourceForge is a comprehensive software discovery tool that includes both commercial and open source applications.

It is a platform where software consumers can find and manage open source software projects. It offers over 500,000 open source software projects, and delivers over 4 million downloads daily.

It has been awarded a Winter 2022 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and download destination.

SourceForge is also a great resource for users to find detailed reviews, software development tools and other resources.

It is the most trusted destination for software discovery, software reviews, and software development due to its large repository of open source projects.

It is an excellent website to find valuable reviews with detailed information, making it the best software for repositories related to open source projects.

Finances Online

FinancesOnline is one of the leading online review sites for software and IT solutions, making it popular among buyers looking for the right product.

It offers a comprehensive list of reviews for a variety of software solutions, from enterprise-level applications to SaaS products.

With its sophisticated algorithms, FinancesOnline provides accurate ratings and detailed reviews from experts and users.

It also compares products side-by-side so buyers can easily see the features and benefits of each product.

What makes Financesonline stand out from other review websites? For starters, they allow users to filter through reviews by category or keyword.

This allows users to quickly sort through hundreds of products in order to find the right one for their specific needs.

Furthermore, all their reviews come from real user experiences so you know you’re getting an accurate picture when deciding which product is best suited for you.

Tech Radar

TechRadar is one of the leading review sites for software and technology products. They provide comprehensive reviews from experienced professionals, giving readers the most up-to-date information regarding the latest technology.

Their reviews are based on meticulous testing processes, which involve having the finest teams of experts test the products before providing their honest opinions.

Their reviews cover a wide range of categories, from software and gadgets to apps and streaming services.

TechRadar is a great source of information for anyone looking to purchase a tech product, as well as those who want to stay abreast of the latest technological advances.

Site Jabber

Sitejabber is one of the top software review websites, with more than 100,000 businesses reviewed. Sitejabber is known as “the Yelp for websites and online businesses”, and it allows users to share their opinions about the software they use.

The Sitejabber Extension enables users to see what the community thinks of each site they visit.

Additionally, Sitejabber has an AI-enabled online platform where millions of buyers and businesses worldwide can interact and make smart purchasing decisions.


Trustpilot is one of the top software review websites in the world. With over 160,000 reviews and ratings on the latest software, it provides businesses with a comprehensive platform to build trust and credibility with customers.

Trustpilot helps businesses to connect and interact with customers, as well as gather more online reviews to strengthen their online profile. T

he platform also offers a customer review management tool which enables medium to large-sized online businesses to manage and analyze customer feedback.



Crozdesk is a comprehensive database of software products available today. From desktop applications to cloud-based services – Crozdesk has it all.

It provides an easy-to-use platform for users to search through countless software options based on their specific industry needs.

Not only does this help save time when selecting the right product for the job, but it also ensures that you’ll be using the best possible option out there.

Plus, Crozdesk offers detailed reviews from experts in the industry so you can make an informed decision before committing to any purchase.


The top software review websites include G2, Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, Trustpilot, TrustRadius and more.

These websites offer a range of features such as expert advice, in-depth feature articles, user reviews, direct links to software product websites, and search tools.

G2 is the largest and most trusted software review site because it provides users with absolutely unbiased reviews.

Capterra is a free-to-use resource for researching business software with over 800 product categories and 1.5 million user reviews.

GetApp provides users with an extensive list of available software solutions for different businesses.

Software Advice offers users the ability to connect with the best software solution for their needs.

Trustpilot is a popular review website which contains reviews of all kinds – product, service, business, etc.

Lastly, TrustRadius is targeted towards B2B software businesses and provides a platform for users to get honest reviews from actual customers.

All of these sites are invaluable resources for those looking to find the best software solution for their needs.

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