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5 Popular and Effective Techniques to Lose Weight

Weight loss; so many of us struggle for it. The concept has become controversial because of elaborate debates discussing “thin privilege”, “fat privilege,” and a list of other terms that spread negativity across the internet. While protecting each other from insensitive comments is good at its core, it can distract us from the real goal of weight loss: better health.

Putting aside the concept of body image, at its core, weight loss can benefit your body in several ways. There are several studies linking obesity to cardiovascular disease across the internet today. Even if you ignore the big-name medical scares related to being overweight, there are many more reasons to pursue weight reduction. Reasons like a stronger immune system, a better night’s sleep and less stress on your elbows and knees are all good reasons to carry on with your weight loss journey.

But losing weight is not easy, and anyone who has ever tried it knows. With countless remedies and hacks to weight loss on the internet today, anyone can easily be misled to a dead end. So to anyone looking for tried-and-tested weight loss methods, keep reading on!

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation that strengthens a person physically and mentally. While it has sacred significance in some religions, it is also an effective form of workout. Yoga involves various breathing techniques, meditation and exercises that have yielded phenomenal results for those who do it regularly. It is not just something you do to lose weight and get a desired physique but is also known to help you with your mental and spiritual well-being.

While yoga, in its essence, is known to be a calming process through maintaining several postures for a specific time, it is very effective for weight loss as well. Yoga also tones your muscles and gives them better structure. You can achieve your ideal body weight, figure and better mental health with regular yoga.

Intermittent Fasting

While a lot of weight loss plans focus on what you eat, intermittent fasting is a way that focuses on when. Intermittent fasting means limiting the time you can eat food to just a couple hours a day and fasting for the rest. The concept of intermittent fasting contrasts with the eating pattern of most people today. The typical eating pattern today is having three meals daily with snacks now and then. With this eating pattern, any physical activity usually burns the calories from the daily intake rather than burning fat stores.

When you are in your fasting period, zero-calorie beverages are allowed. But this does not mean that you can go all out when you allow yourself to eat. However, it is advised to check with your physician and do your research before determining whether intermittent fasting is good for you.

Fat Cutting Teas

Tea is one of the most famous beverages around the world. It is made by infusing the aroma and taste of tea leaves by steeping them in hot water. Tea has several health benefits, from protecting cells from damage to reducing the risk of heart disease. Besides being an enjoyable beverage, tea has been linked with weight loss and burning belly fat. But some teas are more effective than others at promoting weight loss.

Most tea leaves are high in caffeine and loaded with antioxidants, promoting fat-burning, improving exercise performance, and boosting metabolism. Tea is enjoyed worldwide for its soothing qualities and delicious taste, but coupled with its health benefits, it is something you can easily add to your daily life. This is a great way to help you lose weight without intense exercise plans and putting yourself through extreme diets.

Weight loss Through Ketogenic Diets

A keto diet is where you replace the amount of carbohydrates you take with fat. While this may seem counter-intuitive when aiming to burn excess fat, that is what ketogenic diets aim to achieve. This helps your body recognize fat as a source of energy and helps promote its hydrolysis. A study showed that people on a ketogenic diet were able to lose 2.2 times more weight compared to those on a low-fat diet. Knowing which foods to avoid is key to successful weight loss using the keto diet.

There is countless evidence proving the effectiveness of ketogenic diets in weight loss, but there are more benefits to it too. Some researches on the internet show that ketogenic diets may help you against diabetes, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and even cancer.

The Eat-to-Live Meal Plan

The name of the eat-to-live meal plan may insinuate having to starve yourself to the bare minimum your body needs to live. In reality, the meal plan is an entirely different concept. This plan is based on a diet that consists of gluten-free, low salt and low-fat foods. This mainly means avoiding processed foods and increasing nutrient-rich items such as plant-based foods.

The eat-to-live meal plan is a drastic shift from what people normally eat, but its results attract people to try it. The original book on the eat-to-live plan was written by Joel Fuhrman, which promised to help you lose 9.5 kgs of weight in six weeks if the diet is followed correctly. This is also called the nutritarian diet, centered around the concept that the nutrients someone intakes define their body weight and overall health. This meal plan does not restrict your normal calorie intake or starve you but defines the percentage of each type of food you should eat.


It can be harder to avoid fattening foods and sticking to a diet when burning calories, making you feel hungrier. Plus, implementing a special routine to lose weight is difficult in modern office culture. This article discussed methods that are not as exhausting as a high-intensity exercise for weight loss. So, choose the way you think is easiest for you to apply to your daily routine and stick to it!

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