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Medical Tourism Abroad: 5 Cheapest Countries to Get Breast Implants in 2023

No matter what is happening in the world, beautiful breasts are still trending. Breast augmentation is a medical technique using breast implants to change the shape and size of the breasts. The cheapest countries for breast implants augmentation are India, Thailand, UAE, Spain and Turkey.  Prices in clinics range from 3,000 euros.  

Of course, you should focus not so much on the price, but on the quality. Only in this case you can get an excellent result and beautiful breasts.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries performed worldwide. Women who want to increase size, shape, or correct a small prolapse may want to consider this procedure. Breast augmentation surgery is performed on female patients of all ages for a variety of reasons, including:

– Dissatisfaction with their natural breast size;

– A desire to restore or increase the shape and size of the breasts after significant weight loss, childbirth and breastfeeding;

– Desire to correct asymmetrical breasts;

– Correction of a congenital defect in one or both breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery has both physical and psychological benefits. Women are said to feel more confident in their new shape after treatment. Breast augmentation involves placing a breast implant behind a woman’s natural breast tissue. The placed breast implant pushes and projects the natural breast tissue, resulting in fuller, larger breasts.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Breast Implants

The information provided in this article is an estimate. You can always get an accurate price in a consultation with a plastic surgeon. However, the information below can help give you an idea of questions to ask and factors to consider during a cosmetic session. Strength is born from knowledge.

Type of breast augmentation

The cost of breast augmentation with implants is often in the lower price range. Fat transfer and hybrid procedures are more expensive because they combine liposuction and breast augmentation.


A more experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is usually paid more for his or her services, including consultation fees. The consultation fee may or may not be included in the total cost of the procedure.


Education, training, and experience, as with a plastic surgeon, affect the cost of services. Because general anesthesia requires more experience, it costs more than local anesthesia. Most local anesthetics can be performed without an anesthesiologist.

Location of surgery

Everyone knows that everything costs more on the coasts, and this applies to plastic surgery as well. Last year, the majority of all breast augmentation surgeries occurred on the east and west coasts. Breast augmentation involves more highly skilled physicians and higher plastic surgery costs.


Recovery time after breast augmentation surgery varies from procedure to procedure. The price of the recovery process may include prescriptions, compression garments, follow-ups and missed work.

There are different types of breast augmentation, and the best technique for the client is determined by the client and their doctor.

Ranking of the Best Countries for Breast Enlargement

The rating of medical centers is based on the number of clients who have had surgery at a given clinic, patient reviews, prices and information about the conscientious work of specialists.


Fortis Hospital, Noida is a popular top class facility of the country with a capacity of more than 236 beds including 12 operating theaters.  The hospital is known for its achievements not only in the field of aesthetic medicine but also in oncology, orthopedics, neurobiology, liver transplantation, kidney transplantation and cardiology. Fortis has more than 1500 successful transplants to its credit. The staff of the clinic pays special attention to the post-operative care of patients. The goal of the professional team and advanced technology of Fortis Hospital is to save and enrich lives.

The average price of breast augmentation in India is €4789, with a minimum — €662 and a maximum — €10178. Nearly 92% of customers leave positive feedback and recommend this hospital as the best medical tourism destination in all of India.


This is the cheapest state to get breast augmentation 2021. Plastic surgery in Thailand is a well-developed industry, which is improving and opening new horizons and opportunities for clients, bringing closer the dream of obtaining the perfect appearance.

Today, nothing is impossible for Thai doctors, any appearance they can transform beyond recognition, and without harm to health, the effect of breast augmentation will be pleasing for many years. Classy service and conditions for every taste, low prices and experienced doctors – all these factors taken together make Thai clinics a win-win option. 

De Mewadee Clinic is rightly considered one of the most prestigious and established clinics. The popular De Mewadee Clinic is located in Pattaya, Thailand. A wide range of surgical services in the field of plastic surgery and the presence of the best specialists selected from all over the country, makes this clinic the most sought-after.

Thailand is one of the cheapest states for breast lifts. The average cost of the surgery is the same throughout the region – about 2,000 dollars or about 70,000 baht.

United Arab Emirates

Despite being quite costly to stay in the Emirates, here you can get augmentation mammoplasty or breast correction at affordable prices. First-class specialists, innovative technologies and good service attract many women to improve their bodies.

One of the best clinics is Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai. Patients speak well of the staff, correction, rehabilitation methods and breast implants specials. A breast augmentation at Al Zahra Hospital costs $7,000. The patient has to stay in the hospital for 1 day and out of the hospital for 5 days. How much to get a breast job is the total cost of treatment depends on the diagnosis and conditions chosen by the patient.

The total cost of the procedure also depends on the patient’s condition and preferences. Let’s list some of these factors:

– Type of hospital and room selected.

– Additional tests.

– Postoperative complications (such as swelling or bruising).

– Blood products (if necessary).

Prolonged hospital stay for any health reason. Dispensary stay costs if the patient is not a local resident.


A well-received clinical unit where breast implants can be placed is the Spanish hospital Ruber International. Breast reduction surgery is also available at this clinic. Here they offer a full spectrum of breast augmentation services at affordable prices. To find out how much how much does it cost to get fake breasts, it is enough to visit a plastic surgeon. It is impossible to know the cost of the operation remotely without detailed data. Prices in the clinic vary from 8380 to 9170 dollars. 

The cost of mammoplasty in Spain depends on the prestige of the clinic, its location and the reputation of the surgeon. This amount still includes: preoperative preparation (examination, consultations, tests), anesthesia, selection of breast implants, hospital stay (one night is taken into account), remuneration to the medical team and other expenses – in particular, for postoperative examination, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, etc.


It is the cheapest country for breast augmentation. In Turkey it is possible to enlarge or reduce breasts, make a breast lift or change their shape inexpensively and qualitatively. It is in this country that more than 100 thousand such operations are performed annually. This is due to the fact that the country’s clinics offer quality services with a 100% success rate. Especially popular is the Istanbul clinic Nisantasi, which offers a wide range of services. The cost of mammoplasty in the institution is about $3,000. These surgeries give women confidence, rule out asymmetry, and make them look attractive.

Lipofilling is an unconventional to surgical breast reconstruction. The essence of the procedure it consists in the fact that adipose tissue is taken from one part of the body and transplant it into another – the mammary glands. Transplantation is carried out using a cannula (a large needle with a blunted tip) and a special device that cleans and stabilizes the lipid substance. Minuses of the method – possible reduction (shrinkage) of the transferred cells against the background of peculiarities of metabolism and other factors. Also lipofilling, unlike classical mammoplasty, is unable to increase the breast by 2 or more sizes.

On the Internet, you can find specialized sites that deal with medical tourism. For example, plasticsurgeryturkeygroup.com is one of the best medical tourism operators in Turkey. Specialists help you choose a clinic, country and guide you on the cost of operations. Based on the client’s wishes, they select a convenient option and prepare all the documents for the trip themselves. 

To summarize, it is safe to advise girls and women who want to be beautiful to visit one of the clinics presented in the article. After reading the reviews and cost, it is easy to choose an aesthetic centre to your liking. In case of doubt, you can contact certified specialists and they will help you find a good clinic and save money on treatment. Specialized sites offer round-the-clock technical support aimed at prospective clients. International aesthetic clinics target both local residents and international patients.

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