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5 Supplements and Vitamins for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

What is neuropathy? Neuropathy is when our nerves don’t function the way they should. Neuropathy symptoms include both numbness and tingling (think pins and needles) in our feets and hands, as well as sharp jabbing or burning nerve pain and acute sensitivity to touch. Causes of neuropathy may include a recent injury, physical damage to the nerves, infection, inflammation, vitamin deficiency, and it may also occur as a symptom of other health issues, like diabetes and kidney and liver disease.

The types of neuropathy are all classified by which part of our nerves are affected. Peripheral neuropathy is limited to our extremities, like our limbs, hands, and feet. Proximal neuropathy concerns our upper legs, while autonomic neuropathy affects our autonomic nervous system, which includes our urinary and digestive system.

But there’s no need to alarm you so soon! Now the big question is, can neuropathy be reversed? The answer is, it may! Of course, it all depends on what caused the neuropathy in the first place. Neuropathy caused by an infection could go away once the infection itself is gone. The same for neuropathy caused by an injury or by physical damage, exempting the case of a severe injury.

And even in the case of irreversible neuropathy, such as diabetic neuropathy, the symptoms can still be managed. Neuropathy treatment and nerve pain relief don’t have to be difficult, or even expensive! Take a look at these supplements for neuropathy and vitamins for nerve pain to soothe all your neuropathy needs, and even reduce the risk of neuropathy too!

NAC Supplement for Neuropathy

You might be asking, what is NAC? NAC, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, is an incredibly important amino acid. It helps to produce the mother of all antioxidants, glutathione. Antioxidants defend our body against harmful free radicals, and glutathione does this job the best!

In addition to that, NAC can also reduce inflammation and relieve nerve pain by protecting our nerves from oxidative stress and neurotoxicity. A NAC supplement is one surefire way for you to experience all these NAC benefits yourself! But what’s the best NAC supplement out there?

None other than Natural Factors NAC N Acetyl L Cysteine! This NAC supplement has the N-Acetyl L-Cysteine you need, not just for neuropathy, but for your own overall immune defense and wellness

Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus

B vitamins do a lot of things for our health, but most of all, they play crucial roles in our nerve health. They’re known to maintain healthy nerve function and prevent neurological conditions, like neuropathy! Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are the true highlights of this category. They can improve nerve function, repair damaged nerves, and relieve pain and inflammation while they’re at it. B vitamins for neuropathy are no joke — they actually work!

Some great B vitamin supplements are one of the best multivitamins to have on your shelf! Not only does it give you B vitamins for neuropathy, but you get to enjoy all the vitamin B complex benefits there are, which include cellular health, circulatory health, managing energy levels, brain function, and digestion.

Terry Naturally CuraMed® 750mg

Curcumin, the main component of turmeric, is one of the best pain and inflammation relievers around. At this point, what can’t curcumin do? From typical muscle or skin pain, to even nerve pain due to neuropathy, anyone with chronic pain or anyone who’s just looking for fast relief from occasional pain can look to a trusty curcumin supplement for reliable pain relief.

Terry Naturally CuraMed 750 mg is an amazing curcumin supplement that’s made for optimal pain relief and antioxidant support. If the pain and aches of neuropathy have been getting you down, you can trust a turmeric supplement like Terry Naturally CuraMed to deliver ultimate relief!

Terry Naturally Healthy Feet and Nerves

Neuropathy can manifest as tingling in hands and feet, pins and needles, and numbness. It might sound contradictory, but those symptoms can occur concurrently or in multiple nerves around our body. What’s a good treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet? Why, a specialized supplement for our nerves, of course!

Terry Naturally Healthy Feet and Nerves Reviews talk about how much of a wonderful solution to annoying pins and needles in feet it is, because nobody likes feeling that! It’s great for getting rid of numbness in feet (and hands!), tingling, and other symptoms of neuropathy too. It’s got plenty of B vitamins, plus zinc, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), and boswellia, which all work together to promote healthy nerve and circulatory function. It’s an excellent option for nerve pain relief and neuropathy treatment!

Plus CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength

CBD for neuropathy is a very effective choice for people looking to soothe nerve pain. Not only is CBD known as an excellent pain reliever, but gently massaging this onto the areas where the damaged nerves are can also help to speed up healing and repair the nerves. So you get some ultra soothing nerve pain relief and natural neuropathy treatment. It’s a win-win!

For the best CBD for nerve pain and general CBD balm, you can always trust Plus CBD Oil Balm! With Plus CBD Oil Balm Extra Strength for pain, you’ll find nerve pain relief, recovery support, and a good splash of calm and relaxation. You can never go wrong with CBD oil for pain!

No more nerve pain

Neuropathy treatment could be just one supplement away! With these vitamins for neuropathy and nerve pain, you’ll be saying goodbye to nerve pain and neuropathy symptoms in no time. Be sure to check if your favorite good health store carries any of these supplements for neuropathy.

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