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Are There Health Benefits to Brazilian Waxes?

People want lasting results from their beauty and health treatments, which means the healthcare and beauty industries often overlap in subject material and clientele. While your healthcare or beauty business may not offer your clients both of these overlapping industries, they probably still ask your professional opinion about specific treatments. One beauty treatment that many people wonder about is Brazilian waxes. They want to know if there are health benefits to these waxes and what those health benefits are. Keep reading to learn what you can tell your clients about this treatment.

Health and Aesthetic Benefits

The short answer to the common question about intimate waxing benefits is that, yes, there are some health and aesthetic benefits. The aesthetic benefits are more evident since waxing removes all hair from a given area, providing a smooth look. The health benefits, meanwhile, relate to the client’s skin.

There are some misconceptions that removing hair from intimate areas can decrease the risk of health problems such as urinary tract infections. Inform your clients that this is not one of the health benefits they can expect. However, they can expect the benefits we describe below.

Deep Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of someone’s skin, often using a granular substance or exfoliation tool. Dead skin builds up all over our bodies, including in intimate areas, every month as the epidermis sheds and renews.

This dead skin can clog pores, creating acne and other skin problems. Removing this dead skin helps keep pores clean so the skin can breathe.

Intimate skin pores can clog from this dead skin build-up and other factors, such as the frequent sweat, heat, and friction this skin experiences.

Waxing, especially with soft wax, has deep exfoliating benefits, which can clean out these pores. Cleaner pores mean less skin irritation and acne, which many people want in such intimate areas of their bodies.

Increased Blood Flow and Collagen

Exfoliation has additional skin benefits, not just cleaning your client’s pores. Exfoliation and the pulling sensation from waxing can help increase blood flow throughout the waxed area. Increased blood flow has many skin benefits, including keeping pores open and an increase in collagen production.

Collagen is a fibrous, supportive protein found throughout the human body, including in the skin. Its role in your client’s skin is to help the skin cells adhere to each other.

This adhesion keeps skin strong and elastic. Increased blood flow and collagen production are two of the best benefits that clients can expect during a Brazilian waxing session.

When your health and beauty clients ask if there are health benefits to Brazilian waxes, you can tell them yes.

If your practice combines the health and beauty industry, you can immediately offer your clients those benefits with Brazilian waxing services. Stand-alone health practices can partner with salons in the area to recommend safe, professional locations for these and other waxing services.

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