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Beyond Genetics: 5 Longevity Secrets of Super-Healthy People

Longevity has always been a quest for the human race. While people in some parts of the world tend to live longer due to their genetics, life expectancy goes beyond genes. Research shows that longevity depends on a mix of genetics, lifestyle, and the environment. Scientists also speculate that lifestyle is a primary determinant for the first seven or eight decades.

Another study shows that healthy habits can extend the human lifespan. Researchers found that subjects who maintained five healthy habits lived a decade longer than those who failed to maintain any of these habits. Clearly, improving your lifestyle can help you live longer and keep disease at bay.

That’s good news for people who are willing to invest time and effort in self-care instead of worrying about their genes.  The basics like eating a balanced diet, exercising daily, and getting enough sleep give you a good start. Besides these, you need to understand what makes super-healthy people live longer and integrate their secrets into your lifestyle. 

Let’s unveil a few longevity secrets. 

Secret #1: Invest in Preventive Care

Studies report that early disease detection facilitates prompt treatment and prevents disease progression and costly health outcomes. It also helps you live longer. A commitment to preventive care is the key. Invest in regular checkups and timely screenings recommended by your healthcare provider.

According to Craft Concierge, comprehensive care and preventive screening can help with the detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, food sensitivity, metabolic disorders, and several other chronic health issues. Timely diagnosis can be life-saving, specifically for cancer patients, considering that it is one of the leading causes of death in the US.

Secret #2: Listen to Your Body

People who live longer follow this unspoken rule. Your body knows its needs better than anyone else, so pay attention to it. No therapist or trainer can tell you what your body can do. Take a break if you feel tired or stressed while working or exercising.

You can do something to relax, such as soaking in a hot bath, smelling essential oils, sipping on a cup of herbal tea, or doing gentle stretching. Get enough sleep to recharge, rejuvenate, and recover. Never push yourself too hard.

Secret #3: Unplug Regularly

According to a 2022 survey of American internet users, 32% of respondents stated that they took a break from their devices for a minimum of two hours daily. The habit can boost happiness, reduce stress, and enhance longevity in the long run.

Technology can be the biggest hindrance to self-care. Imagine losing your sleep to mindset scrolling. Checking work messages and emails at night can stress you out. Set aside time to unplug daily and use it for activities like reading a book, meditating, gardening, or taking a technology-free walk. A weekly digital detox is also a good practice. 

Secret #4: Steer Clear of Overeating

Did you know that an optimal calorie intake can increase your lifespan? Animal studies indicate that reducing the normal calorie count by 10-50% can boost longevity. It’s a safe thing to do because overeating can cause weight gain.

Calorie restriction can help optimize body weight and belly fat, which are both significant risk factors for chronic diseases. While you should limit your intake, ensure getting a minimum amount to fulfill your needs and stay healthy. Also, stick with healthy calories from high-nutrition food sources like nuts and seeds and cut unhealthy ones coming from sugar and processed foods. 

Secret #5: Stay Consistent With Healthy Habits

Another longevity secret of healthy people is to stay consistent with positive lifestyle changes. Even the most enthusiastic people lose their way when it comes to sticking with good habits for the long haul. The first step is to start somewhere, whether you already follow a wellness plan or want to begin from scratch.

A practical approach is not about trying to overhaul your whole life overnight. It is about starting with small, manageable actions you can incorporate into your daily routine. For example, you may add a 10-minute meditation session or a short walk outside to your schedule. The key is to stay consistent with the action and make it a habit.

What Next

Unlocking longevity isn’t only about genetics, even though you have good chances of living longer if it runs in your family. But not having genetics on your side isn’t a reason to worry. You can embrace these tried and tested secrets of super-agers to live a long and healthy life. The best part is that a few lifestyle changes take you a long way.

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