Battle of the Boosters: Total War Pre-Workout vs Big Noise Pre-Workout

Are you prepared to work out more? Pre-workout supplements should boost motivation and focus so you can work harder. The best training gear can be hard to choose with so many possibilities. 

Simple comparison: Total War Pre-Workout and Big Noise Pre-Workout are the two most popular pre-workout supplements.

To help you, we’ll provide each supplement’s benefits and overall effectiveness below. So,  continue reading and learn more about Total War pre-workout and Big Noise pre-workout. 

What Is Total War Pre-Workout?

A popular product that has been created expressly to improve exercise performance is called Total War Pre-Workout. The unrivalled energy boost offered by this potent combination of caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate is unmatched. 

Along with increasing energy levels, it also helps with building stamina, endurance, and focus. It also has a pleasant flavour, which will make taking it prior to exercise enjoyable.

It also contains a lot of citrulline malate, an amino acid that increases blood flow and reduces weariness. This is useful for intense exercise.

The Advantages of Total War Pre-Workout

As you know the other ingredients and effectiveness of Total War Pre-Workout, now let’s talk about the benefits you get from taking it.  Below are the top advantages of this pre-workout supplement. 

Boosts Energy and Focus

Pre-workout supplements enhance energy, a major benefit. Whether you’re hitting the weights or doing a HIIT workout,  this will give you the drive and focus you need to power through.

Increases Strength and Endurance 

It gives you more energy and helps you be stronger and more enduring. Because beta-alanine and citrulline malate together improve muscle performance, this is the case. You can push yourself harder and execute better achievements in this way.

Supports Muscle Growth

It also supports muscle growth by providing the body with essential amino acids. These promote muscle repair and support protein synthesis. You can more successfully develop and preserve lean muscle mass in this manner.

Can Reduce Inflammation

Additionally, this supplement may aid in reducing inflammation, which is crucial for recuperation after exercise. Its high citrulline malate content, which has been demonstrated to lessen muscle pain and speed up recovery, is the reason for this.

Increased Recovery

Another advantage is that it might quicken your recovery, enabling you to work more frequently and achieve better outcomes. By doing so, you can continue to challenge yourself and reach your fitness objectives. 

What Is Big Noise Pre-Workout?

Big Noise Pre-Workout is another well-known pre-workout supplement. It’s a non-stimulant product that, unlike Total War Pre-Workout, doesn’t contain caffeine. 

It contains ingredients like Betaine Anhydrous, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Citrapeak, Choline Bitartrate and L-Theanine that help to support muscle performance, focus and blood flow during a workout. 

It comes in tasty flavours and can be used alone or with other supplements for optimal efficacy. Additionally, caffeine-sensitive people can use it.

The Advantages of Big Noise Pre-Workout

After understanding the ingredients and effects, let’s look at the advantages of this pre-workout supplement. Below are some of the top benefits you can expect from Big Noise.

Reduce Fatigue and Increase Performance

Big Noise Pre-Workout capacity to lessen tiredness and improve performance is one of its key advantages. Without experiencing the energy drop that occurs with coffee, you may exert more effort and get more from your workouts with it.

Improved Strength and Focus 

Another advantage is that it can help improve strength and focus, making each workout session more productive. The combination of ingredients in this supplement works together to keep you motivated and focused during training.

No Caffeine Crash

Since it is a non-stimulant supplement, as was already said, you won’t suffer the usual crashes and jitters that come with caffeine-based goods. For people who are sensitive to caffeine, it is a perfect substitute. By doing this, you can still benefit from a pre-workout without endangering your sleep or having any negative consequences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both Total War Pre-Workout and Big Noise Pre-Workout have their own unique benefits and can be effective for different individuals. Your unique preferences and sensitivity to various substances will ultimately determine what you choose.

Pre-workout supplements should not, however, be utilised as a substitute for a balanced diet and everyday exercise. Their purpose is to promote performance, not to provide all the energy.

Before choosing a pre-workout, consult a doctor to learn about its ingredients and effects. So consider the above information and make the best choice for your fitness journey. Happy lifting! 

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