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Four tips for maintaining the results of your BBL

In the last few years, Brazilian butt lifts have become the most popular plastic surgery and are at an all-time rise. It has caught everyone’s attention as the procedure gives you a wholesome curvaceous body, letting you have the perfect hourglass figure.

A Brazilian butt lift gives you a voluptuous body by taking out excess fat from your thighs, hips, or abdomen with the help of liposuction.

Once the fat is collected, it is transferred to your bottom, giving it a fuller shape while making the rest of your body look slimmer and toned.

In Miami, the surgery is prevalent and attracts many locals aged 20 to 40. Florida also tops the list of states most interested in cosmetic surgeries.

Due to the high demand, the city of Miami is a hub for cosmetic and plastic surgeons offering the latest Brazilian butt lift and other procedures at the best price.

After receiving a Brazilian lift, you must understand that you can maintain excellent results with regular care and good maintenance. With the following tips, you can preserve your Brazilian lift results for the long run.

Invest in Post-Operative Care

You must focus on post-operative care to maintain excellent results and heal well from the surgery. If you have received your surgery from a good surgeon, they will guide you on post-operative care.

In Miami, strict rules are applied on Brazilian butt lifts to provide the most secure and smooth experience.

The Florida board of medicine issued an emergency rule for doctors to use ultrasound when inserting the canola in the gluteal fascia to avoid accidental piercing. This allows doctors to perform only three Brazilian butt lift surgeries daily.

Thus, the state takes necessary safety measures to provide the best surgery. Therefore, you can find excellent bbl doctors in Miami that offer safe surgery and guide you through the post-operative journey.

In addition, they will comprehensively guide you throughout your recovery period in post-operative sessions.

Moreover, it is vital to abstain from smoking, vaping, or products containing tobacco and nicotine.

The reason is that these products disturb the blood’s oxygen flow, leading to slower healing and preventing the transferred fat cells from flourishing. However, that’s not the only precaution you need to exercise.

So without further ado, let’s look at some tips that’ll help you maintain your Brazillian lift:

Wear the Right Clothes

After surgery, you’ll have to wear a compression garment for up to six weeks. It will boost the healing of your buttocks and the area from where the fat was taken.

The garment will efficiently increase recovery as it will lower your swelling and improve skin elasticity giving you incredible results.

When wearing your compression garment, make sure it is the perfect fit. If the garment is too tight or restrictive, it can restrict or disturb blood flow to the area damaging the transferred fat cells in your bottom.

Besides the garment, avoiding tight clothing such as tight-fitted jeans or leggings during the healing process is essential as it severely interrupts healing.

Therefore opt for loose-fitted clothes that let you comfortably wear your compression garment under them.

After your initial recovery days, if you want to go out and look nice but want to wear something easy, long skirts are perfect, and trousers are a fantastic option.

You can wear loose dresses or oversized cotton shirts throughout your healing journey. Once you are out of your recovery phase, you can wear whatever you like and show off your beautiful, flattering body.

Eat a Nutrient-Dense Diet

After your Brazilian butt lift surgery, you probably want to get out and resume your regular life quickly, yet, that is not the case.

To have significant long-term results, you must take great care of yourself in your initial days after the surgery. The best way to do that is by focusing immensely on your diet.

Any surgery you go through leaves your body in a sensitive and weak state, and with the addition of strong medication, your body can quickly feel overwhelmed. Therefore, you must be gentle with yourself and eat a diet that is easy on your digestive system.

A wholesome diet can aid you in eradicating any complications after surgery. It will boost your energy and make you feel better.

It will also enhance the appearance of your buttock. In the first stage of your recovery, eat more semi-solid and blended food that is easy to digest. Consume food like mashed sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, protein shakes, oats, or greek yogurt.

After your recovery period, it is vital to eat foods that are wholesome and fibrous. Eating whole foods is necessary because they are unprocessed or least processed and have high-quality nutrients, nourishing your new gorgeous bottom.

So once you can have solids eat brown rice, whole-wheat bread, barley, and quinoa. All these food are high in vitamins and protein.

Besides that, you should highly prioritize liquid intake. Your liquid intake should mostly be water. Please avoid alcoholic beverages or fizzy carbonated drinks high in sugar.

If you want to add something more with water, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables or sports drinks with electrolytes will do well. Ensure that you drink three liters of water daily, as it will remove edema from your body.

Work out regularly

After surgery, your doctor will ask you to avoid exercise for six to eight weeks, but once you are out of your healing phase, your doctors will give you a green flag to resume working out. However, even in this period, you might feel a bit of body ache or occasional swelling.

Once your surgeon has cleared you for exercise, start investing in workouts to enhance your buttocks and make them look firmer and fuller.

Exercises that will have the most impact on your bottom and make your glute muscles stronger are squats, sumo squats, and glute bridges.

Besides that, you can pair these exercise routines with lunges, side lunges, and a plank. Combining these exercises will target all your glute muscles making your bottom look perkier and rounder.

Lastly, avoid any high-impact or strenuous workout, such as weight lifting, for at least three months after completing your recovery period.

Doing such exercise too early can damage the transferred fat cells and will not allow them to establish fully. Therefore before starting any high-impact exercise routine, consult your doctor.


Bigger and fuller buttocks are trending now, and more celebrities like kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian flaunt their beautiful fuller bottoms.

Having a wholesome figure adds more confidence to your personality. It makes you look exceptionally gorgeous, and what better way to get one other than a Brazilian butt lift?

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