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New Advanced Healthcare Robot to Assist Elderly and Covid-19 Patients

After Alexa, Chinese team from Hong Kong announced the launch of a healthcare robot named Grace, to assist and care for the elderly who have been quarantined at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as the healthcare robot wears a blue nurse dress, has Asian features, long brown hair, and has a thermal camera.

In the chest area to measure the patient’s body temperature, his response, and body reactions.

This robot uses the principle of artificial intelligence to diagnose the patient’s condition, take readings of the patient’s vital signs, and can speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese.

And the main founder of the robot, David Hanson, said that this great similarity between the robot Grace and healthcare providers is to relieve the burden of hospital staff on the front lines who are tired a lot during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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He added that Grace’s resemblance to a human being to this great degree helps build trust and natural participation with patients, because patients are affected by the natural reactions of the face and body, and indicated that Grace healthcare robot has more than 48 major muscles in the face that can simulate different facial movements, and has a comfortable behavior designed in order to Somewhat similar to anime characters, Grace is often a mixture of Asian and Western styles.

Awakening Health indicated that there are intentions to produce large experimental quantities of the Grace healthcare robot by the end of August of this year, and the possibility of delivering it via Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

And the specialists indicated that the price and costs of producing healthcare robots such as the Grace healthcare robot, will gradually decrease once the company produces hundreds of thousands of this robot and that these robots came at the right time after the urgent need for human robots in the health sector system after the pressure and the lack of health cadres due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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