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Mindheal: An Approach to Conscious Consumption

Created in late 2022, Mindheal is an innovative project that seeks to educate the public about substance use harm reduction. The project helps people better understand and control their use, and also changes the perception of this phenomenon in society.

Damage Reduction: What is it?

This approach focuses on the development of strategies and programs that help minimize risks to the health and social well-being of people who use drugs. Instead of an absolute cessation of use, the central idea is safe and educated consumption.

How does Mindheal fulfill its mission?

– Educational Articles: The central section of the Mindheal website is dedicated to scientifically based articles on the principles of harm reduction. Oleksandr Horovy, author and specialist in narcology, is responsible for the content.

– AI Chatbot: To provide users with the latest and most accurate information, Mindheal offers an AI chatbot based on ChatGPT. It not only answers questions, but also provides important details about safe dosing of substances and combinations between them.

– YouTube videos: Educational content is not limited to text. Mindheal’s YouTube channel offers videos that illuminate key aspects of the topic.

Interactivity and Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of the Mindheal project is its dynamism and ease of access to information. Open to all, the site aims to make science-based information available not only to health professionals, but also to ordinary users.

Community and Support

Mindheal’s mission is not limited to providing information. The project also seeks to create a community of individuals who can share experiences, ask questions and receive support from like-minded people. This community serves as a place where people can feel safe to discuss their experiences and challenges.

The future of Mindheal

The project team is constantly striving to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of users. There are plans to expand the presence in social networks, create a mobile application for convenient access to information, as well as conduct online seminars and webinars for a deeper understanding of the subject.


Mindheal is an important source of information for those seeking knowledge and support in the field of psychoactive substances. Their approach, based on education and support, makes society more educated and safer. We encourage you to visit their website, try out their chatbot, and watch their YouTube videos.

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