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Stimulant Abuse in Phoenix: Accessible, Accredited Rehabilitation Is Key

Did you know that some of the most popular types of drugs in Arizona are stimulants? These include conventional drugs like methamphetamine, which are exceedingly easy to obtain. Phoenix is going through a particularly tough time when it comes to stimulant addiction.

From what we have seen in other states and cities, drug addiction can become quite serious and a social issue if left unchecked. In that context, access to quality stimulant rehabilitation in Phoenix will be critical.

In this article, we will explore some of the key aspects that you need to know if you are seeking rehabilitation, either for yourself or for a loved one.

Why Is Accessibility So Important?

A lot of people tend to underestimate just how important access is when it comes to rehabilitation including Phoenix detox. The truth is, it is a significant challenge that ends up keeping countless drug-addicted individuals away from the care they need. This is a phenomenon that has long since been observed. Data shows that up to 90% of people who need rehab do not receive it.

Access is often made difficult due to poor transportation systems, and this is particularly relevant in the context of the West Valley area, where public transport isn’t as frequent as in other areas.

However, getting help in the West Valley area of Phoenix goes beyond travel logistics. People naturally want to stay close to home and to their support network. As a result, a lot of people choose to pass on rehabilitative care. Issues of access also come into play during emergency situations. Drug overdoses can be life-or-death situations and often warrant immediate medical attention and withdrawal symptoms are far more severe than you might expect.

If someone tries to go cold turkey, for instance, it can be a terrible experience. Even Changes Healing Center states that medical supervision is critical during the withdrawal process, especially with meth.

The Importance of Accredited Rehabilitation Centers

Distance and cost can also be factors that make access challenging for some. Sometimes it can be tempting to find the nearest rehabilitation center rather than searching for the best possible place.

That said, the rehabilitation journey is going to be far more successful and properly managed when it is handled by an accredited rehabilitation center.

When you are dealing with drug addiction, particularly stimulants, you want to ensure that the treatment being meted out is scientifically backed and proven.

The most obvious benefit of favoring accredited rehab centers is the quality control of the treatment. There are regular audit reviews and mandatory improvements that they need to make. On the other hand, non-accredited centers are open to ethical issues, and it isn’t uncommon to hear of patients being mistreated either physically or mentally by staff.

Moreover, if you are relying on insurance to pay for rehabilitation, you will find that non-accredited centers are unlikely to be covered by many insurance companies.

Unique Challenges That the West Valley Faces

The West Valley area of Phoenix has been experiencing a lot of stimulant abuse, and certain local factors make it particularly concerning. For instance, the West Valley does have a bit of socio-economic disparity, which exacerbates the substance abuse problem. High crime rates, lower educational attainment, and a general lack of healthcare access create an environment that is ideal for stimulant addiction.

The fact that methamphetamine is so commonly used complicates things. There are no FDA-approved medications specifically for treating meth addiction. Thus, we once again understand the need for effective rehab centers that offer accredited stimulant treatment programs.

While the West Valley may have rehabilitation centers, they may not be at the same level when compared to other areas of Arizona. For instance, even if they have physicians on hand, they may not have enough qualified therapists trained in cognitive behavioral or dialectical behavioral therapy. These are two therapies that are believed to have the most success when dealing with a meth addiction.


When it comes to stimulant abuse and addiction, we do need to remember that this isn’t a unique problem. Several states have rehab clinics that are struggling to meet the growing number of people with drug addictions.

The fact that children in school are among those with stimulant addictions is saddening to note. However, awareness efforts are constantly underway, and a good number of children are aware of peer pressure and other factors that raise the risk of substance use. Improving access to rehab centers and ensuring they have the resources and funding they need will certainly go a long way.

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