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Teeth Aligners: The Best way to Straighten your Teeth

Teeth Aligners or clear aligners help you fix your crooked teeth in a simple and modern way. These aligners are becoming more popular among dentists and patients as they are more comfortable and easier to use than other options. Options like metal braces or invisible braces have been in use to treat orthodontic issues for quite some time, but clear aligners have emerged as a better and more advanced way to treat misaligned teeth. 

In this detailed blog, you can learn how aligners work and their advantages and understand the factors affecting teeth aligner cost. 

How do Teeth Aligners Work? 

Teeth or invisible aligners remove the gaps in your teeth or straighten your crooked teeth. Aligner treatment does not use metal wires or brackets like traditional braces. They are made of transparent plastic material that makes them appear invisible when you wear them on your teeth. They straighten your teeth in an effective way to move them in the correct position and enhance your smile and looks. 

Depending on your case, the dentist will prepare a treatment plan for you. The treatment plan will include the treatment time, total number of aligners and other instructions.  

When you start your aligner treatment, your dentist will provide you with a set of aligners that are custom made for your case. You need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day or as your dentist recommends. You need to change the set of aligners as advised by your dentist or mentioned in your treatment plan. As you change the aligners, you can see visible changes in your teeth’ position and finally achieve the desired results with well-aligned teeth.  

Why Do You Need Invisible Aligners? 

You may need an aligner treatment if you have crowded teeth, crossbite, underbite, overbite, etc. Misaligned teeth can make you feel conscious about your smile and appearance. Also, such teeth can lead to dental issues and impact your oral health in the long run.  

Teeth straightening is a part of orthodontic treatment that can help you overcome these problems and maintain good oral health. If you want to start with aligner treatment, you can ask your dentist or consult an orthodontic expert. 

What are the advantages of Teeth Aligners? 

Clear aligners offer several advantages compared to traditional braces: 

Transparent: These aligners are unnoticeable as they are made with transparent plastic. This makes the aligners almost invisible, even when wearing them during treatment.  

Custom-made: Your dentist takes 3D scans or digital impressions of your mouth and sends them to the dental lab. The lab makes aligners for you based on your scans. These aligners fit your teeth perfectly as they are custom made. 

Removable: Aligners are not fixed like traditional braces. They can be removed before eating and drinking. Hence, it does not impose food or diet restrictions.  

Comfortable: Aligners don’t involve metal brackets or wires. They are soft and comfortable on your gums. They do not cause any cuts or mouth ulcers as metal wires do. They are ultra-thin and do not cause any discomfort. 

Oral Health: Since aligners are removable, they allow you to keep your oral health in good shape. You can brush and floss easily. On the other hand, it can be challenging to clean your teeth with metal wires. Also, food particles accumulate in fixed wires. It may lead to cavities or tooth decay.  

Faster Treatment: Aligners offer a faster treatment than other options. With these advanced aligners, you can achieve your desired smile in a shorter time. 

Safe: Clear aligners are made with material that is safe to use. It does not cause any allergies or toxicity in your mouth. 

Predictable: Aligner treatment is pre-planned; your dentist can predict your treatment time. You can also see your future smile with a virtual setup with your dentist even before you start your treatment.  

Stain and Crack Resistant: Aligners are stain resistant and do not change colour when used regularly. The material allows them to be flexible and does not cause any breakage or cracks. You can wear and remove them easily. 

How Much Do Teeth Aligners Cost? 

Aligners are the modern way of teeth straightening, and they offer more benefits than traditional methods. They are priced slightly higher than metal braces as they come with added benefits. They are made with advanced technology and are made to adjust your lifestyle.  

The following are the factors that affect the teeth aligner price: 

1) Designed with CAD/CAM software 

2) Manufactured with advanced technology 

3) The complexity of your case 

4) Additional treatment cost 

5) Number of aligner sets needed 

6) The expertise of your dentist 

7) The brand name and company 

8) Quality of material used 

9) Location of the dental clinic 

All the above factors can influence the aligners cost, and the treatment cost may not be the same for every case. It can vary depending on the severity of the case or if extra treatment costs are involved. Additional costs may include root canal or tooth replacement, gum disease treatment, etc. To make the treatment reasonable and within your budget, you can check for some EMI options or partial payment plans with your dentist. This will help you financially plan your treatment and straighten your teeth with advanced aligners. 

In Summary 

Teeth Aligners treatment is a computerised treatment. It is easy to plan the outcome, monitor the progress and check for any corrections. It allows a hassle-free and smooth treatment journey while offering a pain-free and convenient experience. Though they are priced higher than traditional braces, they are worth the cost as they help you save additional costs with braces like breakage, tooth cleaning, etc. They are adaptable and fit in with your routine well. 

You can check with your dentist about teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners. It is advisable to consult your dentist, understand the whole plan, and find out whether your case is suitable for getting aligners.  

In conclusion, apart from treating orthodontic issues, dental aligners offer a discrete, pleasant, and effective solution to improve your smile. It also helps you achieve clear speech along with getting a confident and assured look. 

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