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What is Enhanced Facial Fat Grafting?

When you want to look more like yourself again, but you’re concerned about the shape of your face or pockets of fat where you don’t want them to be, enhanced facial fat grafting might be right for you. This procedure can go a long way toward sculpting and reshaping problem areas to have you feeling more confident and comfortable with the way you present to the world. Here’s what to know about this procedure, and whether you should consider it for your needs.

How Facial Fat Grafting Works

When you work with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Joel Aronowitz the goal is to get the look you want and feel comfortable with. If you’re not ready for a facelift or don’t need one, and you’re just interested in targeting a specific area, facial fat grafting may be a good choice. This is done by removing fat from one area of the body and transferring it to the face, to fill in fine lines or areas that can start to look hollow with age, such as under the eyes.

Facial Fat Grafting Can Reshape Difficult Areas

Reshaping areas with facial fat grafting is often much easier with having a facelift, and it’s possible to target precise areas while not affecting the rest of the face. It can be used to treat smaller wrinkles, acne scars, undereye hollows, and more. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for you, the first step is to talk to a professional to get the information you need. Then, you can see whether this particular procedure will give you the results you’re interested in or whether you’re a better candidate for a different treatment.

Look and Feel More Youthful Again

Joel Aronowitz MD and others who perform this procedure understand that it’s important for you to feel confident in the face you’re presenting to the world, and that minor changes can often make a big difference. That’s why it’s so important to choose a professional with plenty of experience in enhanced facial fat grafting, so you can have the kind of treatment that’s really right for you and your overall needs.

Work With the Right Professionals for Support

The right professionals can make all the difference when you need support for your plastic surgery and cosmetic improvement goals. Don’t settle for less than someone who answers all your questions and focuses on helping you get the right procedures for your specific situation. That can give you a more youthful appearance and increase your confidence, so you can get back to enjoying and living life again.

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