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What Are the Best Medical Specialties for the Future?

The best medical specialties are many. Medicine has many specialties, but no one can master all of them at the same time, so the student chooses one of them to study in, but there are some specialties that are preferred by everyone in terms of study and in terms of financial income as well.

The best medical specialties

There are some specialties that can be classified as the best medical specialties in the field of medicine, because their wages are high, or because the study of these specialties is distinguished from the rest. Among these specializations are the following:

Orthopaedic Surgery

These are operations carried out by a trained professional physician to evaluate and treat problems affecting human bones, ligaments, and joints, such as tumors, osteoporosis, problems related to the human backbone, or fracture injuries.

General Surgery

Treatment of various diseases and deformities through surgical procedures, and the operation is performed by surgeons who have received training in preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care, and also have rich experience in intensive care and emergency.


A physician who specializes in the detection, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, because he works closely with patients, studies their medical history, and performs a complete physical examination.

Plastic Surgery

The doctor assists the patient in removing any traces that affect his external appearance as a result of burns, wounds or accidents, and the doctor must be fully aware of how to transfer tissue from one place to another.


In this type, the doctor deals with malignant carcinomas, and he must know very well the different stages that the tumor goes through and diagnose the condition well.


In it, the doctor studies how to deal with problems that appear on human skin, whether they are pills, scars, eczema and other similar diseases.

The Easiest Medical Specialties

Many medical students try to search for the best medical specialties, but also the easiest ones, so that they do not find any difficulty in studying.

  • Radiology: This specialty is easy to study and is required in every department of the hospital.
  • Nursing: This specialty is considered as an assistant to the medical team.
  • cosmetology.
  • Dermatology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).
  • Oncology, the doctor’s task is to detect the location of the tumor formation, determine the stage in which the tumor is located, and then treat and then surgery.
  • Hematology.
  • Physiotherapy and Psychiatry specializations.
  • Opthalmology
  • Dentistry.
  • Alternative medicine.
  • Clinical Laboratory Analyses

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The Most Difficult Medical Specialties in Order

All specializations in medicine are not easy, as the student works hard and studies hard to become a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

However, there are some specialties that only a small number of doctors are accepted to join, due to the difficulty of these specialties compared to the rest. These specialties are as follows:

The general surgery medical specialty is considered the most difficult department in the faculty of Medicine, and it is more suitable for males, as the doctor must be familiar with how to perform all operations in the human body.

Orthopedic Department This specialty is also among the difficult specialties, as the doctor must learn everything related to the bones and deal with them in case they are broken or in cases of installing nails. Therefore, only a few students enter this section.

Cardiology, The section on the treatment of the heart and blood vessels, as the doctor is faced with dealing with the patient’s heart and its vessels that could cause any risk of human death.

Department of Plastic Surgery, where the patient treats highly sensitive areas of the human body and transfers some tissues from one place to another.

Oncology, The specialty of cancers and tumors, as the doctor must focus on knowing the type of disease, its stages, and where exactly it is located.

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Highest Paid Medical Specialties

You can learn about the best medical specialties in terms of salary through the following points:

Orthopedics comes in the first place, and this specialty is considered one of the important departments in medicine, where the doctor treats everything related to human bones and joints from problems, and the doctor’s salary is approximately $ 464,500 per year.

The second rank comes for the specialization of cardiovascular diseases. The doctor in this department treats the human heart, which is the pulse of his life from any problems. The doctor’s salary ranges around 447,243 US dollars per year.

The third rank comes for specialization in diseases of the human digestive system. The doctor licenses diseases that attack the human digestive system, and the doctor’s income per year is about 461,364 dollars.

The fourth rank comes for the Department of Urology. The doctor treats diseases related to the human urinary system, and the doctor’s income per year is 42,4091 dollars.

The Fifth rank comes for the specialty of oncology, and the doctor searches for and diagnoses the tumor, and the doctor’s income reaches about 396,000 US dollars per year.

The sixth rank comes for the specialty of dermatology, in which the doctor treats the problems that the human skin may suffer from. The income of the dermatologist is about 370952 US dollars per year.

The Seventh rank comes for the radiology specialty and the doctor’s income is about 36,250 USD per year.

The eighth rank comes for lung diseases, and the doctor’s income is about 351125 dollars per year.

The ninth rank comes for general surgery, and the doctor’s income is about 333675 US dollars per year.

The Best Medical Specialties for Girls

Many girls are confused when the time comes when they should choose a particular specialty in medicine, as some girls sometimes think that they are not capable of certain specialties even if they are preferred to them.

Therefore, we will mention some of the specializations that may be the best for girls, including:

Pediatrics specialty: This specialty is considered one of the most appropriate departments for girls, due to their natural ability to deal with the child due to their internal maternal instinct, but it also requires some effort from the doctor.

The Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), due to the lack of diseases treated by this specialty and the clarity of these diseases and their symptoms in the majority of patients.

Specializing in dermatology and many girls prefer to work in this specialty because it deals with problems that are almost simple and similar, and the working hours are proportional.

The specialty of cosmetology, where many modern devices have appeared that enable the plastic surgeon to work and get the best results.

Ophthalmology is considered one of the most suitable departments for girls because it deals with problems related to vision.

The specialty of obstetrics and gynecology, which is considered one of the most important specialties for girls because they need it at different stages of life.

Medical Specialties in Terms of Grades

The specializations in the Faculty of Medicine are ranked in terms of grades as follows:

  • Orthopedic surgeries.
  • General surgeries.
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Plastic surgery.
  • ٌRadiology.
  • Oncology.
  • Gastro Intestinal Tract diseases (GIT).

We have now learned about the best medical specialties in universities, and we have learned which ones are appropriate for girls, and the doctor must be interested in studying the specialty he chooses efficiently so that he can alleviate the pain and help them with high efficiency without endangering their lives.

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