SAP Says Digital Transformation Tops the Technological Trends of the Egyptian Government

The global technology giant, “SAP”, said that the government-led digital transformation in Egypt is among the best technological trends in the second half of 2021, stressing that this trend contributes a lot to support businesses and innovations that will advance citizens’ services to a new level.

89% of senior executives working in the public sector believe that sharing data helps them improve the way they communicate and interact with citizens, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Oxford Economics in cooperation with SAP.

The study, titled “The Need for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector,” included 3,000 senior executives from around the world.

Engineer Hoda Mansour, Managing Director of SAP in Egypt and New Markets, said that the Egyptian government was keen to develop digital transformation during the global pandemic crisis in order to improve services provided to citizens.

Noting that 89 % of public sector executives agreed on the importance of Sharing data, making the first three goals that the public sector in Egypt seeks to reach in 2021, include “focusing on improving the experiences of employees and citizens, benefiting from insights derived from data in the immediate decision-making process, and refining employees’ digital skills to enable them to drive innovation.”

The three most important lessons for the public sector to learn from digital transformation include:

The Experiences of Employees and Citizens Will Contribute to Bridging the Gap With the Public Sector

The public sector in Egypt continues to lead data-driven innovation to enhance citizen experiences, thanks to government initiatives such as Egypt Vision 2030.

And 89 percent of technology leaders working in the public sector and respondents to the “SAP” survey said that sharing data improves the way they communicate and interact with citizens, while 83 percent said that sharing data would improve their innovations in existing products or services, and 82 percent said Sharing data helps them exceed performance goals.

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance is collaborating with IBM, the partner in the SAP Channel System, and E-Tax, a subsidiary of the Ministry, to fully automate the primary tax system using SAP solutions.

The ministry aims to simplify tax administration, improve tax administration performance, and bring about the desired digital transformation in the Egyptian Tax Authority, to contribute to promoting economic growth in the country.

Insights From Data Guide the Way to Actionable Ideas

Insights that derive instantly from data can help companies and organizations enhance operational efficiency and craft strong business policies.

Before they share citizen data in their possession, government agencies should determine the purpose of their use of that data, obtain citizen consent, and understand how sharing data internally and with external parties can deliver new levels of citizen services.

And 81 % of respondents from the public sector said that they effectively shared employee data internally, while 74 % effectively shared citizen data internally.

In healthcare digital transformation, El Araby Hospital, the largest hospital in the Nile Delta region, is embracing the next generation of healthcare and patient management solutions developed by SAP and Cerner.

In turn, the United Pharmacists Company, the largest pharmaceutical wholesale company in Egypt, affiliated to the Dr. Hossam Omar group of companies, in cooperation with its partner “B-Connect”, is working to transform its operations by employing the SAP S/4HANA business application package, and the SAP SuccessFactors package for Human Capital Management.

Digital Skills & Capabilities Will Contribute to the Simplification and Expansion of Critical services

Many companies in Egypt and the Middle East have adopted coordination and flexible working policies to enhance employee experiences, but more can be done to enhance employee skills and raise levels of cooperation between different departments and divisions.

61% of those surveyed cited this skill shortage as an obstacle to meeting strategic change initiatives.

This year, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany, the German Society for International Cooperation and SAP graduated two groups of Egyptian youth participating in the prestigious training initiative “Young Professionals Program” from SAP, in support of the development of the future workforce in the country.

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